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(MonsterGames dont let this be the end of excite)

posted by Athena123 (MILWAUKEE, WI) Nov 19, 2011

Member since Jun 2011

Excitebots trick racing is soooooooo much fun and soooooooo much better than what is put out to be heard as its origin EXCITE TRUCK. anyway excitebots has lots of interesting car/transformer/bug/animal type vehicles that are very cool and good (trust me people are better off with using the roach,hummingbird,centipede,or bat cars) but aside from those excitebots even has fun first ever online internet play while people race they can bet stars to and if you end up in a certain place at the end you get an even bigger number of stars (maybe if your lucky. i really cant say to weather this game is more of a hardcore gamer game or all around person game its just so much fun and watch out because in excitebots you seriously have to expect the unexpected because while you race on/offline you could get stars for not doing anything or you could get stars for o i dont know moves like being in the air,tree runs,hitting other bots,fishing,(escaping giant hands) swinging on red bars or yellow bars (becareful with those yellow bars cause you have to know when to jump on and off,escaping rock creature things,football,baseball, butterfly catch,scoccer,song rails,poker cards, and even sandwitch building and excitbots has even more bot cars like frog,spider,squid, (but he dosent squirt ink),lizard,bettle,praying mantis,yrasshopper,turtle,ant,hornet, and the bolder truck from excite truck is on here too. though i had lots of fun with excitebots (this game will keep you going for more fun that you wont evan want to go to the bathroom fun) i did not beat the game controlls a bit touchy but you should very much still play it and hey during the 2 months and 3 weeks that i had excitebots it was extreamly fun but this should not be the end of excite (Monster Games inc. and gamefly) make more games make more excite LONG LIVE EXCITE,LONG LIVE EXCITE excitbots for the wii is way better than a 7.1 its better than a 10 rateing but thats all thier is 10 anyway excite should live forever and for an

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GF Rating

Very Good

Is that my bot racing - or my heart?

posted by LemmyKoopa (MADISON, WI) May 12, 2011

Member since Jan 2011

If you want to get your heart pounding without doing boring aerobics - this could be a good choice! Woah...

Racing is not my typical genre of choice, but for a solid week this kept me bobbing and weaving in front of my TV. It could have been longer but for me to do any better and unlock the next mode... not likely.

If you've played the prequel, Excite Truck, this is a faithful sequel. The formula is the same, but with new courses and some new tricks, mainly new aerial stunts and some other new ways to earn points. If you liked the last one, this should win you over anew; if you didn't, then this is not the right place for your next gaming pitstop.

For the uninitiated, Excitebots is anything but your standard racer. In this one, actually winning the race is practically a footnote. Your main goal is to rack up points by collecting air time from massive jumps as well as spinning through the air, performing timed leaps, drifting around curves, smashing opponents, and even wackier things like kicking a field goal or... throwing a pie at a clown face? All of these contribute to your score, which is what you're playing for. You also get bonus points for finishing well, which you'll surely need if you want to get the best ranks, but finishing first without pulling off any stunts will get you nowhere.

It's these stunts that make this game both fresh and exhilarating. Now, to get very much out of this game, you've got to be willing to replay courses and push yourself to master each one, even if all you may earn is a few new paint jobs and game file icons. If grinding out a few extra points to try to get the elusive S ratings doesn't strike you as a good time, then this won't last you too long as you'll soon play through each of the 24 courses and not have much more to do.

But if you are willing to push yourself even just a little, then this game is as fun as any while it lasts. If that sounds like your thing, I highly recommend this... followed by a shower.

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GF Rating

Above Average

More of the same, but that's good right?

posted by Fenster113 (TUCSON, AZ) Sep 7, 2010

Member since Sep 2010

This game is just like excite truck, only with more stuff... which is a good thing... sort of... you even get to play some of the old tracks, which is nice.

I have mixed feelings about this game. It was nice to know how to mostly play the game already, having played excite truck. I'm not totally sure I like the new grabbing the bar thing that happens throughout a race.

This game will entertain and frustrate you as you try and get the Super rating on all of the tracks.

If you liked excite Truck you should like this game.

If you like unrealistic racing games, you'll probably like this game

If you like realistic racing and true physics, then this is not the game for you, but you probably knew that from the "excite" part of the name.

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