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All I Wanted Was Turn-Based, and I got It.

posted by TheApester (MCGREGOR, TX) Dec 22, 2007

Member since Nov 2003

So far, I had played about, oh say three-four real-time RPGs, when I made the decision to obtain Evolution Worlds (as a rental). It's pro was that the game was written in turn-based format, which was what I was quenching as of then. Well, Evolution Worlds delivered what I wanted, and JUST what I wanted. In a negative way. When I purchase games, I'd like to have the DVD case, the well-conditioned disc, an instruction manual for assistment,and maybe some flairs and goodies, especially if the game is from a big-name company. But, RPG-wise, Evolution Worlds sorta gave me just the disc.The story could be described as game-fodder; you can pay mind to it, even if it's unnessecary. It caught my eye for at least a week, but not the protagonist. Look, I know the story is something to sneeze at when the protagonist, if a boy, seems attractive, even if he's not.
I was highly relieved by its nostalgic genre, but then it was just cheesy. You have attacking, skilling, talenting,moving, items,defense, and escaping. Basic. But it's what you must do that tuned me out. You trek through a dungeon to the highest point and then fight the boss. Then you go through twenty minute-long cutscenes, and then you can get back to controlling him again.
I just saw the Dreamcast version's graphics, and, frankly, I'd prefer cel-shaded over three-diemension this time around.Music? Not very orchestrated.
However, Evolution Worlds hosts the good flavor of quality at times, and it'd taste like Final Fantasy or Dark Cloud in some cases. If you'd like to experience that turn-based flavor on the GameCube without playing a game related to Square Enix, then it'd be best to view this.
But, then again, why would you spend some time on this when you could steal looks at famous games like Dragon Quest VIII, Final Fantasy X, Kingdom Hearts II, and other sure-fire RPG classics?
And if you wanna stick to the GC's RPGs, why not Tales of Symphonia or Skies of Arcadia?

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A really bad remake..

posted by MinaOasas (EL RENO, OK) Dec 8, 2006

Member since Oct 2006

I thought this was a really bad remake of the first Evolution game. Didn't like the voice overs. Didn't like how they changed the graphics.

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