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Evolution Snowboarding


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Also on:PS2
GF Rating

15 ratings

Gameplay Controls

Evolution Snowboarding

Control Stick Control character movement
Control Pad Control character movement
A Button Ollie (jump)
B Button Kick
X Button Punch/Use Weapon
Y Button Switch (press twice), Lock on to rail (Hold)
Z Button Grab trick boost
L Button Slide left
R Button Slide right
C Stick Grab tricks
Start/Pause Start / pause
Combo #1 Turn = control stick left/right Slight acceleration = control stick up Brake = control stick down Ollie (jump)= press and release A button Switch = Press Y button twice
Combo #2 Punch/Use Weapon = X Button Grab = Hold down X button, release to throw Straight Kick = B Button Special Punch = Hold control stick up or down + X button Special Kick = Hold control stick up or down + A button
Combo #3 Flat spin = Control stick left or right + ollie Flip = Control stick up or down + ollie 3D spin = Control stick diagonal + ollie
Combo #4 Nose Grab = C stick up Japan Air = C stick right diagonal Indy = C stick right Mute = C stick right lower diagonal Tail Grab = C stick down Stale Fish = C stick left lower diagonal Melanchollie = C stick left Method = C stick left diagonal One Foot = Z button