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Evolution Skateboarding


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Also on:PS2
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Gameplay Controls

Evolution Skateboarding

Control Stick Move/Turn
Control Pad Move/Turn
A Button Ollie
B Button Flip Tricks
X Button Grab Tricks
Y Button Grind Tricks
Z Button Fakie/Combo/Special Trick
L Button Spin/Switch Stance
R Button Spin/Switch Stance
C Stick Change Camera Angles/Change Music Selection
Start/Pause Pause
Combo #1 Skater View (when stopped): Z + Control Stick

A Button Ollie (press to crouch, release to leap)
L Button Switch
R Button Switch
Combo #1 Nollie: Z Button to set up, A Button to finish
Combo #2 Fake Ollie: Go Switch, Z Button to set up, A Button to finish
Combo #3 Power Slide (Brake): Control Stick Down + Control Stick Down (quickly)
Combo #4 Wall Ride: Jump alongside or into a wall, then hold down the Y Button
Combo #5 Left Spin: L Button when airborne
Combo #6 Right Spin: Right Button when airborne

Combo #1 Nose Manual: Up + Y
Combo #2 Tail Manual: Down + Y
Combo #3 No Comply: Down + Y
Combo #4 Primo Stall: Down, Up + Y
Combo #5 Up, Down + Y

B Button Kickflip
Combo #1 Body Varial: Up + B
Combo #2 360 Flip: Diagonal Up Right + B
Combo #3 Pop Shove It: Right + B
Combo #4 Hard Flip: Diagonal Down Right + B
Combo #5 Heel Flip: Down + B
Combo #6 Pop Heel: Diagonal Down Left + B
Combo #7 FS Shove It: Left + B
Combo #8 Impossible: Diagonal Up Left + B
Combo #9 360 Varial: Up, Up + B
Combo #10 Rodeo Flip: Right, Right + B

FLIP TRICKS (continued)
Combo #1 Backflip: Down, Down + B
Combo #2 Finger Flip: Left, Left + B
Combo #3 To execute additional tricks for these Flip Tricks, press B Button again while trick name is flashing.

X Button Ollie North
Combo #1 Nose Grab: Up + X
Combo #2 Double Handed: Diagonal Up Right + X
Combo #3 Backside Grab: Right + X
Combo #4 Stale Fish Grab: Diagonal Down Right + X
Combo #5 Tail Grab: Down + X
Combo #6 Roast Beef: Diagonal Down Left + X
Combo #7 Mute Grab: Left + X
Combo #8 Indy Grab: Diagonal Up Left + X
Combo #9 Cross Bone: Up, Up + X
Combo #10 Grab Tuck Knee: Right, Right + X

GRAB TRICKS (continued)
Combo #1 900 Degrees: Down, Down + X
Combo #2 McTwist: Left, Left + X
Combo #3 To Execute additional tricks for Grab Tricks, press X while trick name is flashing. To avoid a spill during Air Tricks, press Down, Down quickly, just prior to landing.

Control Stick Maintain Balance
Y Button 50/50 Grind (with parallel approach)/Disaster Slide (with perpendicular approach)/Cancel move mid-grind
Combo #1 Nose Grind: Up + Y
Combo #2 Smith Grind: Diagonal Up Right + Y
Combo #3 Tailslide: Right + Y
Combo #4 K Grind: Diagonal Down Right + Y
Combo #5 5-0 Grind: Down + Y
Combo #6 Blunt Slide: Diagonal Down Left + Y
Combo #7 Disaster Slide: Left + Y
Combo #8 Feeble Grind: Diagonal Up Left + Y
Combo #9 If executed right, pressing the B Button at the end of grind may result in additional Grind Out tricks.

SPECIAL COMBO TRICKS (when skater is airborne and there is at least 1 stock gauge)
Combo #1 Special Combo 1: Up + Z
Combo #2 Special Combo 2: Down + Z

PLANT TRICKS (near lip of ramp)
Control Stick Maintain Balance (Up/Down)
Y Button Rock to Fakie
Z Button Special Tricks (doubletap) (depending on skater) (available when skater is airborne and there is at least 1 stock gauge)
Combo #1 Blunt to Fakie: Up + Y
Combo #2 Axle Stall: Right + Y
Combo #3 Nose Tap: Down + Y
Combo #4 Feeble to Fakie: Left + Y
Combo #5 Egg Plant: Diagonal Left Up + Y
Combo #6 Disaster: Diagonal Right Up + Y
Combo #7 Hand Plant: Diagonal Down Left + Y
Combo #8 Rock N Roll: Diagonal Right Down + Y