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Evil Dead: Regeneration


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Also on:PS2
GF Rating

289 ratings

Gameplay Controls

Evil Dead: Regeneration

Directional Pad Up = Kick Sam (Hold). Down = Turn Into Evil Ash (Press Again to Return to Normal).
Left Thumbstick Move Ash or Sam
Right Thumbstick Move Camera. Change Targets in Manual Targeting Mode. Click In to Center Camera Behind Ash.
A Button Jump
B Button Sam's Punch. Use Ash's Prosthetic Weapon (Chainsaw, Harpoon Gun, Flamethrower).
X Button Sam's Spirit Stun. Use Ash's Firearms (Pistol, Shotgun, Bomb-Lance).
Y Button Perform Context-Sensitive Action. Perform Finishing Move on Stunned Deadite.
White Button Change Firearm. End Sam Possession.
Black Button Switch Prosthetic Weapon
Left Trigger Block
Right Trigger Manual Targeting Mode
Start Pause Menu
Back Display Abilities Screen