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GF Rating


Pretty good but...

posted by strifesfat (KALAMAZOO, MI) Jul 10, 2009

Member since Dec 2008

Frankly, I had trouble getting past the unrelenting cuteness of the characters. I had trouble listening to the ham handed dialog, uttered by precious moments dolls, in ways too squeaky or high pitched to take seriously.

The graphics are beautiful and reminisicient of Final Fantasy X, albeit improved in detail. The battle system is quite fun, with bosses providing a strategic challenge that is much needed by the time they arrive. However, their emergence felt predictable and timed. This is fine, but only to the detriment of a story that had a meandering pace before it lost my interest altogether.

I very much wanted there to a a flash, rather than glimmer, of brilliance here. I wanted an indication that all of these incongruous elements, Chopin, Chopin's past, Chopin's dream, and so forth would tie together in some fantastic, but acceptable way. Perhaps it does, but I did not make it to that point before I could not play it any more. I was playing on expectations that it would get better, not because it was already good.

I did not expect something like Final Fantasy. Indeed this game is different. In some ways it is wonderful, such as the graphics, battle system, music - but lacks, however, in gripping the player from the start. I want to stress that I do not want a game that bludgeons the character with its direness. Rather, an indication of seriousness backed by good presentation is needed. ES handles this too softly. Too slowly. Hence, I gave up.

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GF Rating


from a true rpger

posted by dark0n3 (TULSA, OK) Jul 7, 2009

Member since Jul 2009

This is an all right rpg it has wonderful visuals , long and unique gameplay . only bad thing is alot of the main guys are way to powerfull for your character when you reach them in the game even if you killed every thing you encountered ,you have to backtrack and level up religiously and leveling up is slow real slow(monotonous) , if it was not for that i would rate this an 8-9 and i know all rpgs you have to do leveling up ( i hate short rpgs) but at least there enjoyable whilst doing so

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GF Rating


Good Game

posted by ShrapDog (NEWARK, NJ) Jun 25, 2009

Member since Jun 2009

This turned out to be alot better than I expected. The group rank levels, the echo system, combat in general, is always changing as you gain levels. The story, and all it's cutscenes, starts off a bit slow but gains momentum. The voice acting is good. The whole twist on basing the game around the dream of a real life composer was new and interesting.
Highly recommended for RPG players

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