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Eternal Sonata


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Cheats, Codes & FAQs

New Game +

Complete the game once from your first play and save the data when prompted to. Load that file to begin a new game with all obtained Score Pieces, Party Levels, Piano Music and Hero's Crest. Plus, the enemies and bosses will be much stronger and tougher in battle and you can view the ending anytime after you load the game clear data and choose "View Ending". In addition to the PlayStation 3 version, any costumes you obtained for Polka, Allegretto and Beat will be carried over to the new game.

Allegretto's Costume

You'll find this costume in chapter 6 in one of the treasure chests in "To Coda Ruins".

Beat's Costume

You'll find this in a treasure chest where you fought the Bread Gang boss in chapter 5, when you do the small side-event with Beat.

Polka's Costume #1

You'll find this costume in chapter 4 in one of the treasure chests in the second-to-last area in the "Lament Mirror".

Polka's Costume #2

Visit Polka's home in chapter 1 after Frederic joins Polka. After the cutscene, check Polka's bed for the costume. This only works on the second playthrough.


Complete the events in "The Church of EZI" and defeat the boss "Great EZI". Only works in second playthrough.