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GF Rating


Definitely worth a shot.

posted by PMK12345 (KANSAS CITY, MO) Sep 30, 2007

Member since Oct 2004

Excellent battle system, but a really bad story with excruciatingly long cut scenes. The actual game play makes this worth playing through despite the horrible story line.

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GF Rating

Above Average

Average RPG

posted by Mocaan (TINLEY PARK, IL) Sep 27, 2007

Member since Jun 2003

Now when I first herd about Eternal Sonata I was excited to try it, being one of the only current RPGs for the Xbox 360. But the excitement was short lived after playing the game for about 4 hours. The first thing about this game is voices. Now the voice acting isn't bad, but half of the characters in the game, including the guys, have very high pitched and annoying voices that gave me a head ache after listening to them after a few minute. Now this normally isn't a problem in most RPGs because talking is put to a minimum, but this game has 10-15 minute voice acted cut scenes after about 20-30 minutes of game play.

Most of the cut scenes rarely have a point while every so often they will further the plot of the game. If you want to call, a girl committing suicide for her love when she has a flashback about her life but, she is only in a dream world of a composer that is laying on his death bed which is a metaphor for the life of a composer in real life, a story. Yes that is the story of the game and every so often they show real life pictures and talk about that composer which really takes you out of the game.

Now the story is the only reason this game got over a 5 is because it was decent, but for people that say this games game play was fun needs to play ANY RPG for the PS2. First off the battle system is very plain you. Take turns based on the character with the highest speed. On your turn you get a bar that begins at five and goes down with every attack (the X button) and special attack (the Y button). The amount of special attacks you get through out the game is s small you'll be using only a couple with each character. They try to make things more interesting by making your specials different weather your in light or dark but its just a novelty and really doesn't impact game play a hole lot. All the battle are very repetitive and easy with a boss fight at the end of every area.

With few words left let me just say quickly overall average RPG could be a lot better.

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GF Rating


If you like Final Fantasy Style Gameplay

posted by jerome2479 (ADDISON, ME) Sep 23, 2007

Member since Jun 2007

This game is superior in visual effects, sound, very easy to follow, and will give you hours of battles and leveling up.
Game is very close FF style, with a few twists that are not traditional FF style. So far almost a good 15 hours in and have only reached Interval 4 of game. There are 22 achievements to open so i expect to complete 1000 points probally will take a good 60 hours to complete, hopefully.
Game expectations far beyond most recent game releases for September 2007. Play on and enjoy.

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