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posted by Kognito (EUSTIS, FL) Feb 28, 2008

Member since Feb 2008

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This game is appealing to a small subset of gamers. Any fan of King's Field 1 or 2 and Shadow Tower will find this to be an excellent addition to their library.

The game is completely in first-person. Sword play, magic, puzzles etc. are all completed this way. This gives Eternal Ring an uncanny ability to set the player in a highly detailed and beautiful environment.

Patience is key in the King's Field type games, however, as movement is usually slow and plot elements even slower, most of which are easily passed by if you're not careful.

The magic ring system that is the crux of this, add a strategy element that was lacking in the old Kings Field adventure. Where they focused mainly on inventory management and key placement, Eternal Ring adds the challenge of finding every ring, which translates into new magic powers. It becomes almost an obsession to get them all.

I rated this a 9/10 because it rewards patience and offers a sense of discovery and danger most mainstream games lack. If you want a challenge that doesn't hold your hand (at all), and grants complete immersion in the game-world, Eternal Ring can't be beat.

If you find that you enjoy it, definitely give Kings Field: The Ancient City (PS2) a try.

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my thumb hurts

posted by spinelli (SOUTH LAKE TAHOE, CA) Oct 12, 2006

Member since Jan 2006

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my only complaint about this game is that you cant use the joysticks on the deul-shock controller. after about an hour my thumb was killing me--

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Really Bad

just.... no

posted by syrane303 (EVERETT, WA) Mar 1, 2013

Member since Aug 2012

Dont get me wrong, i have played all the way through this game, and actually completed it (all rings, all items, ect). i was not compelled by the story at all, i found myself confused for very long periods of time as to figure out were the (insert word of preference here) i was saposed to go. the puzzles are simple enough if u can get passed in my opinion one of the worst first person experiences of my gaming career. im going to tell you a little bit about were im coming from in this example from my own playthrough:


i found myself in this tree village looking thing, were there was only 2 npcs, one of which was a shop. after wandering around trying to figure out were to go from there for about 2 hours, i found the entrance to a strange forest with velociraptor lookin guys in it. i figured "hey! i figured out were to go!" ahh, the sudden bliss of progress! until i was nearly killed in one attack from a velociraptor and realized i hadnt saved for quite a while. picture it.... somehow i found the strength of mind to get back to were i was before, this time leveled a little bit more, and began to fight the beast that had slain me. after i was victorious, i continued on, killing several more of those things, wandering around this forest completely clueless. i finnaly found a path i had never been on before, and followed it to find a new ring that had a strange effect (i wont spoil everything). turns out, all that time i waisted leveling up, going through that area, was for a secret that had no bearing on the main story what so ever. thus is only just a part of my tale, and a repressed memory i'll have nightmares of for years to come...

in summary, the controll scheme was sloppy, the story had nothing going on for it, the navigational controlls were almost nonexistant. for those of you who like this game, more power to ya, your stronger mentaly then i. the only thing i liked about this game, were the spell animations for the most powerfull rings. 2/10

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