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Escape the Museum

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posted by Kdonato (MIDDLESEX, NJ) Apr 30, 2009

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Games of this nature on the Nintendo DS BLOW this one away. The graphics are horrendous, music is annoying and just the whole game play done poorly. This couldn't been a fun game.... I HIGHLY recommend skipping it.

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posted by JMichaud (BETHESDA, MD) Apr 20, 2009

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The idea of going into a musuem was to take a look at history of certain eras or certain lands. Which, I say, is more fun than playing Escape the Museum.
In this hidden object game, you play as Susan Anderson. She's with her daughter, Caitlin, at closing time when an earthquake hits, doing very serious damage to the building and everything inside.
Susan rushes Caitlin off to the security room, then goes out and looks for anyone else left in the building.
Then, for some reason, she gets trapped in a room and has to make her way back to Caitlin. This is where the game starts.
In the game, you have to get through several rooms via three ways. First, you can find several objects listed.
Or you can play a jigsaw game where you rebuild a painting by putting the right pieces in the right places.
Or you can gather up items and use them to solve puzzles (like smash wood with an axe or chop down a column to blast open a door.)
Problem is, this game has awful graphics. Even when I zoom in to get a better view of what's in the room, it turns everything into a bunch of blurred pixels.
Finding the objects on the list is easy - you get a help button that will give you an idea as where an item on that list can be found. But I found it to be bland and boring.
Putting the puzzle back together is kind of fun. But why am I piecing these paintings back together again?
The worst of the bunch is sovling puzzles with objects. First, finding said objects was tough because the graphics are so bad. I had to scan through every inch of the room to find those objects. It's aggrivating.
Then, some of the puzzles don't make any sense. It's easy to get stuck, and if you do get stuck on a puzzle, then the game comes to a complete halt.
There's a story attached to this game, but I wasn't thrilled by it; it felt like they put it in just to get me to the next room.
Escape the Musuem is a budget title in every sense of the phrase. SKIP IT.

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My Kids Didn't Like This One

posted by newfymom (ELLICOTT CITY, MD) May 8, 2009

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I picked this one out for the kids (ages 6 and 12) because their queue was getting short and the cover picture looked like maybe it was linked to the "Night at the Museum" movie. (Come to find out, it's not.)

My kids didn't play this very long at all, definitely less than 30 minutes. My twelve-year-old daughter complained that the graphics were terrible, and that the game was not exciting at all. My six-year-old tried to play along, but quickly lost interest.

I would not recommend it. I was particularly astonished at how poor the graphics were.

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