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posted by pkessler (LOUISVILLE, OH) Nov 26, 2007

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Member since May 2007

This game is pretty bad. The game doesn't seem like it was designed for wii. The controls are much to be desired. This is just a terrible game. Bad graphics too. Bad sound, bad voice overs. Overall...just terrible. Don't buy and don't even rent!

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Really Bad

So you want to ignore the reviews...

posted by banzibill (CABOT, AR) Sep 23, 2007

Member since Aug 2007

...and try the game for yourself. Well, that is your right to do so, but be warned.

The only thing in this game the appears to work right is it's ability to suck! Need more info, please read on.

Ok, I didn't get this game for the story. Good thing too because anything decent it may have had to offer was ruined by the terrible audio delays. By this I mean that you have to wait 5-8 seconds between each characters script. Blah.
Even this was about the best thing I can say about the story.

OMG aweful!!! Resident Evil 1 had some challenging control issues and camera angels...yet I loved that game. I even thought Obscure was alright. But these chaps went a step backward by trying to make it innovative with the motion controller and failing miserably.

Look at the manual to see what I mean.

Also, you have to be right in line with an enemy to kill it and when you have 15 of them around you, you have to change your character placement little by little to make sure you are lined up correctly to slay the next beastie.
Not to mention you can't attack while moving.
Your character sticks to everything. Run into a tree, have to back up and turn around. Not lined up right with the stairs, have to back up turn around. And when I say turn around I don't mean just turn around. You have to follow a flight plan and maneuver your boat for a character around in a circle towards the direction you want to go.
Walk into a room and your controls are reversed due to the view angle. By the time I killed my 4th ape I decided I had enough.

They don't provide enough space to warn people properly about this game. I wasn't expecting much and still was blown away by how bad it was.

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Extreme disappointment

posted by King4day (CHARLOTTE, NC) Sep 4, 2007

Member since Jan 2007

Much like movies, I find the beginning is very important in keeping the viewer from getting ancy and staying interested enough to pay attention.
This game starts with 3 people going to an island that is (knowingly) filled with insects that are of abnormal sizes to "study" them in hopes of yada yada yada.
The story starts with 2 guys and a girl sitting at a camp fire.
One Guy (Ray I think, {both drama queens}) holds a shotgun (just incase something bad tries to attack them.)
Everytime Mike or the girl are talking to Ray, he points the gun at them and u think the story is really about to pick up.
Apparently he's not actually pointing it but is just supposed to be fidgeting with it while talking.
Mike wants to ask the girl to be his BFF or something and Ray (knowing this) interrupts and asks her first. They were friends since before high school apparently and he goes and does something like that "because he didn't realize how great she was until you started talking about her".
I don't care if this game is meant for kids or the elderly. This story had me getting sick from the story from the get go.
After she runs off to 'think things over', you start in a VERY dark area with a stick as a weapon bumping into things in hopes they are an entrance or an item.
I met my first set of bugs, could barely attack them before feeling further sick and putting the game back in the sleeve to start my season of Metroid 3.
Much like 'Two Worlds' for the 360, this game has no business being on the Playstation 1, let alone the Wii.
Please heed my warning and stay away. I understand everyone’s into different genre's of games, but this one is no where in the ballpark where I can see even someone in Howard Sterns 'Wack Pack' enjoying it.
You're best bet is to buy an old NES game like Contra, Athena, or Bayou Billy instead of wasting 4 days for this game to arrive, realize how disgusting it is, and sending it back before the mailman leaves your block.

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