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so so game

posted by kevinwpbfl (WEST PALM BEACH, FL) Oct 31, 2007

Member since Jun 2007

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Eragon is a decent action game, actually its a button masher. it doesnt play too bad. i havent seen the movie or read the books but my son has and this was for him.
anyways the makers could have done alot more with this game, especially the magic part, you are able to use magic to move rocks etc, but there is no real challenge as to finding what to use. there are no real puzzles.
and the levels that you get to ride the dragon are disappointing, controls are a little lame.
there are camera issues as well as you will get in front of a pole or wall while in a battle and the camera never adjusts, so you get to see a wall or pole...
sound is ok, the characters say the same 5 lines over and over and over.
graphics are a mixed bag, in some areas it is jaw dropping while others it is washed out and very bland..
achievements, are very easy to get, just beat the levels on hard and you get the achievement, you also have to go back and play it on normal to unlock the achievements. it is a very easy game to beat even on hard. there are also secret eggs on each level, one per level.
a very easy 1000 gamerpoints.

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Only worth renting, maybe

posted by Dekack (RENTON, WA) May 21, 2008

Member since Nov 2004

7 out of 7 gamers (100%) found this review helpful

Not a tough game to play but repetitious. Graphics were not all that great. If it wasn't for the achievement points, which is an easy 1000 to get, I would have probably put this one down a long time ago. I found it just a button masher in close battles. I just kept pressing the two attack buttons over and over again and eventually won all the battles. Doing this, even the hard setting was easy. Though seeing the arrows stuck into the enemies was kind of cool and the magic aspect wasn't too bad, pushing enemies over cliffs and catching them on fire. If you are not into achievements points I would move on to the next game.

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GF Rating

Above Average

Fun to play with a child (or a wife)

posted by LLJKShakra (PHOENIX, AZ) Nov 27, 2006

Member since Nov 2006

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My wife doesn't like most video games, she doesn't understand how to rotate the camera around, she is bad at killing people and she gets frustrated quick.

She read the Eragon book and really liked it and in one of the reviews I saw for the game they talked about how simple it was. They were right.

If it were just me playing the game I would get through it very fast without dying or struggling at all. It would be too simple and not worth the purchase price.

Playing with my wife however it was a perfect game. The camera never got stuck in places where I couldn't see the fighting and the button combo system is very simple and anyone can handle it. The fact that you can't control the camera made it a very easy game to play for my wife.

The story is awful though, it doesn't follow the book very close and really doesn't make much sense at all. The graphics look like they belong on the PS2 even in high definition. They aren't anything special.

I would only recommend this game if you want to play something with a small child or significant other who is terrible at games. My grandmother could probably get the hang of this game, although she would complain about her arthritis and how back in her day, when they lived on a dirt floor, they kept each other entertained with things like jacks and marbles. Rent it though don't buy it.

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