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Above Average

Better second half

posted by xDeadWingx (SARASOTA, FL) Dec 12, 2010

Member since Jul 2010

Firstly, the combat system is very simplistic, with only about 4 combos, a stun and damage long range attack and a shielding system. That fact combined with the "fake" platforming aspect, the actual gameplay was interesting only in a few areas. The first six (out of 14) chapters seemed to drone on, and I was hoping the story would pull through on the second half. Luckily there were a few moments in the second half that were entertaining, as the last chapters seemed to flow much better. As for the story, I did enjoy their rendition of the old tale, though a game that survives on mostly story should try to have a cinematic longer than 1:30. So if you're playing this for the story, I'd suggest reading a synopsis and maybe finding the 20 minutes of cutscenes online, cause 9+ hours of tedious gameplay did kinda get boring at times. Though all in all it wasn't bad, but it could've been much better. Kudos to the awesome acting and well represented facial expressions :)

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GF Rating


Good game, good story

posted by gameerdad (NESQUEHONING, PA) Dec 7, 2010

Member since Dec 2006

I'm an older gamer (44) who tries to sneak in a good story game once in a while when I can. I enjoyed the story part of the game and the gameplay very much. The twist ending was riveting and interesting. Anyone who didn't get it was just looking for their ending not the one the story included. I would suggest a rental to anyone that likes a story game but doesn't want an overly long ordeal to get to the conclusion.

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GF Rating

Very Good

Enslaved - A loose grip on a provocative storyline

posted by ifirit (LEXINGTON, KY) Dec 3, 2010

Member since Dec 2010

If you're looking at playing Enslaved, do so for the first half of the game. Up to the mid-point, the game is interesting, varied and stunning. After that point, the game becomes trite, falling into some of the traditional pitfalls of story-driven adventure-platformers.

The story and the subsequent voice-acting are fantastic up to the mid-point, it's after this point that the game falls apart. The addition of a third character to the main story takes away from the emotional bond between the two main protagonists. It relies heavily on humor to carry the emotional appeal of the previously-established story with some incredibly juvenile humor and poor delivery.

The environments are somewhat linear, usually having only one entry point and exit point. However, there is enough room to explore said environments. The detail and overall look of these environments are beautiful giving you plenty of reason to want to explore each area. However, the last half of the game pulls away from exploration as the demands of combat become more intense and event-oriented. This is especially true in the last two levels of the game, which are so frenetic that exploration is removed in favor of linear platforming. Though this is also hindered by the repeated use of similar environmental features. You can only take swinging past the same triple-flamethrower-pipe combo for so long before you begin to realize the creativity in the level design has gone out.

The combat is excellent, utilizing a free-flowing move system that makes attacking multiple enemies somewhat easy and varied. The first half of the game also includes sections that give you the ability to sneak past enemies and/or surprise attack them using Monkey's agility or Trip's commands. However, like most of the elements previously mentioned, these options become limited in the latter portions of the game as the enemy encounters begin to become mandatory and they begin to block your more commonly-used attack methods more often.

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