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Blemishes aside, this is proof video-games are art

posted by gamer301 (CLAYTON, NY) Mar 8, 2011

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I finally got my hand son this game. Missing out on it when it released in October, Enslaved is truly a rare treasure in this world of shooters. It follows Monkey and Trip, two survivors of the apocalypse--the cause we never find out, a plus for me--who have a very interesting relationship. After surviving a slaving ship crash, Trip enslaves Monkey with a slave headband that will kill him if he wonders too far or if she dies. Which adds a layer to their 'friendship' that really makes the story shine even more. As they grow together, the actor's talent really shines. Only in Uncharted have I seen such amazing expressions and acting. The lips are sometimes a little off, which can be distracting, but nothing major. The environments make the game so much better. The most beautiful posy-apocalypse I've ever seen. The combat is nothing great. If you've played Heavenly Sword--which you should have, otherwise you're missing out--then this is nothing new. You mash square and triangle and press triangle and circle for a special move. Take downs are a nice touch, and look cool. There will be many times when you're outnumbered, so make use of stun or you'll be pounded into a pulp. Which brings me to the camera, it can't seem to decide to let you control it or not. And it can get really bad when you're packed in a corner of enemies. And the ending, well, its kind of empty. Its unexpected, but not stupid and cliched like another reviewer said. It's just not a conclusion, there's no closure.
Pros: Incredible facial animations, fantastic acting, magnificent visuals and environments. The relationships make this game. Great boss battles, nice trophies also. This is art people.

Cons: Camera is bothersome, lips don't always match the words. The ending was disappointing.

Let me get something straight, this game is not a game, its art. Made for the story and characters. Not combat or perfection, but the journey. Don't let the blemishes ruin it for you, play this game and enjoy the trip

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Beautiful But Flawed

posted by TheStig88 (West Des Moines, IA) Mar 2, 2011

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Let me just get this out of the way. This game is absolutely gorgeous. It's a vibrant, colorful take on the post apocalyptic setting too often dragged down by 30 shades of brown. This game firmly embraces the color of nature as it takes back the world we stole from it.

Now on to the meat of the review. First up, gameplay:

We'll start with the platforming. Incredibly simplistic. You simply cannot die or even miss at all during these sections. The game won't let you. From the first five minute it becomes clear that platforming is nothing more than a tool to show off their gorgeous environments. When in doubt, look for the shining handhold.

Next, the combat. Attacking, blocking, dodging and counter-attacking. You've done it a million times before. The combat has a good weight and impact to it, but it's dragged down by a terrible camera. Too often does the camera feel it needs to zoom in for a cinematic close-up of the butt kicking. This becomes a real issue against multiple opponents, especially on Hard.

Finally, the characters and story. These are what make this game worth playing. Based on what I had read, I had expectations in place for the characters already. Monkey the self centered meathead, and Trip the b----. They both completely defied those expectations. They both ended up being super charming and I felt for both as the game went on. Especially Trip. I firmly believe she's one of the best female leads since Alyx Vance of Half Life 2.

Furthering that, the character interaction is stellar. From the excellent facial animations to the far above average voice acting, it just clicks. All this adds up to a great emotional connection to the characters and a real interest in how their story unfolds and whether or not they end up together (if you're a sucker for the sappy like me)... and then it ends. A bit clichéd and not even remotely satisfying, it leaves you wanting more and not getting it.

Take note Namco, SEQUEL PLEASE. I want more Monkey and Trip!

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enslaved, odyssey to the west

posted by fightclub1 (SHEFFIELD LAKE, OH) Dec 15, 2010

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i really enjoyed playing this game. it's not a a game i would buy however because it has little replay value. but it is a great weekend rental.i really loved the graphics and the emotions on the main characters faces during cut scenes were spot on.i really liked the fluid movements while climbing and jumping. but some of the camera angles were hard to figure out. i didn't like the fighting controls. i found them button mashing at best, with little style at all. and with little ability to counter attack a map or more of the dragon fly leading you to locations and the ability to press a button and get the route recalled for you as in prince of persia would have proved useful, all in all i look forward to the next installment of trip and monkey's adventures.

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