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Enemy Territory: Quake Wars


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Solid, but far from perfect.

posted by 35yrgamer (CLIFTON SPRINGS, NY) Jun 1, 2008

Member since Aug 2006

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The two biggest problems with QW is that it lacks a "story" mode, and its online gameplay is too tightly wraped around team/squad play. Most of todays console first fps(which QW is not), feature long and indepth single player stories. From "Space Marines" to "Super Soliders", the often cheesy backdrops at least add purpose and imersion. QW is greatly lacking in this. Strogg bad, attack this, or defend that, good enough, next! Campainge is a string of attack or defend "missions", played with a team of bots against a team of bots. Ok, ok so its about online multiplayer!
Well here is were the game gets into trouble. Be warned this game is NOT for PUGs(Pick Up Groups/randoms). This game favors the hardcore clans. And that is fine, if your one of the estimated 12% of the people playing FPS that are apart of functioning clan. The problem is the game focuses so intensly on mission objectives and the class you picked that unless the whole team moves as one and everyone fully understands how to best play their own class(hint medics have to heal), you will get crushed. This is no Halo, one lone wolf won't mean much in this game.
QW also has some gameplay balance issues. Attacking sides almost always win. And the Strogg have some unfair advantages on the battlefield.
The graphics look solid. The game controls are done well. And I can find very little wrong with the game. However the lack of splitscreen imo, makes having bots pointless. And the team work factor requiered to win, ends up in players swearing at each other, shooting each other and generaly lead to a mess. It reminds me alot of playing MechAssualt 2 on LIVE. Randoms just can't compete. I know that the FPS game needs to evolve, but too tightly focusing on team tactics isn't the way to go. Esp when, as with QW, your only going to be on teams of 8. That means that the 12yr old that refuses to play his class right, will lead your team to defeat. And you will get rolled.

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It's a love or hate it kind of game

posted by otakusan (KNOXVILLE, TN) Dec 26, 2010

Member since Apr 2010

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The game Enemy territory: Quake Wars is a kind of Love or hate kind of game (as you can see in the title). The game has little to no story, but the enjoyment is in the gameplay. great graphics lots of challenge, yes the strogg vehicles are more powerful, but the strogg guns aren't as good as the GDF's. This game was a great if not excellent attempt to bring amazing multiplayer to people with low budgets. So, I will say this try before you buy folks, but if your multiplayer centric then buy it immediately. ??

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Very Good


posted by mecha12 (ALDIE, VA) Jul 5, 2010

Member since Jul 2010

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This game has a variety of different missions and objectives to play.Also, you can choose to be on the sttrog's side, (evil)or on the GDF's side (good). so every time you switch teams for a mission, the objectives are diiferent. Also, the guns are great.

The graphics arent the best ive ever seen. whenever you die, you pretty much look the same every time. Also, if its the only game you ever play, youll eventually get sick of it. so unless your planning to buy a ton of game fly games and trade them in at game stop, (whitch would be totally stupid) then only rent this game, do not buy it.

(exposition! :) )

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