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PC Games Should Stick with the PC

posted by blazsox (NORWOOD, MA) Jul 2, 2008

Member since Apr 2005

I gave Quake Wars the benefit of the doubt from it's critic reception because I honestly enjoyed Quake IV on the Xbox 360. The multiplayer was a lot of fun, but had horrible organization online. It took a great deal of time to find other players, and the matches were just too short.

Quake Wars was an interesting concept and I was hearing good things about the PC version. I was never a big Quake fan, I was certainly more towards the Unreal Tournament franchise. I only owned and played the original, but did give UTIII a shot when it came out for PS3 back last year. Fun game, but I really had no desire to keep playing because of the lackluster (but expected) single player campaign and the multiplayer was just too fast pace for me.

So Quake Wars. I downloaded the demo from the PSN Store and to my surprise I enjoyed it. My one complaint was the lack of weaponry but I thought since it was a demo perhaps they limited your inventory. To my unfortunate surprise that same arsenal from the demo was also the full arsenal on the full game. You have your basic assault rifle, shotgun, rocket launcher, and sniper weapon on the GDF side (with some side arms and explosives), and the Strogg having their counterparts.

The game itself is fun for a few rounds, and the maps are quite good. Vehicles are new for Quake, but the controls of each were quite terrible. Flying was a pain, and driving the tanks around corners only led to frustration for me.

Playing with bots can lead to quite long rounds if you have the difficulty set high. The AI for the most part is smart about the objectives, but in terms of fighting the enemy they could be quite poor. I like the aspect you can call for medics instead of searching for health or having automatic regeneration, but online when calling for a medic they will likely never respond.

I was surprised to see as many rooms as I did online on the PS3 version, but I expect within a month this game will be deserted with a much lower pricetag.

Go rental.

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nope nope

posted by Sapres (LOS ANGELES, CA) Jun 18, 2008

Member since Apr 2007

its a good game to rent, but i wouldn't buy it, that's why we have gamefly!!!

this game has the same style as unreal tournament, no story line no awesome scenes, basically, u just spawn, kill, die, respawn, kill, die etc etc

personally, i would suggest not wasting your time, if you are a fan of unreal tournament thou go for it! :)

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not Worth it!!!!!!!!!!

posted by buddy101 (SUFFOLK, VA) Jun 7, 2008

Member since Jun 2008

At first play controls are difficult to understand...air vehicles have bad handling...gameplay substantail for about 3 hours but after that gameplay gets repetative and boring...i do not recomend this game unless u r desperate for a game that you have not played....

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