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Wow. What an Amazing Journey.

posted by gamer301 (CLAYTON, NY) Mar 4, 2010

Member since Mar 2008

38 out of 41 gamers (93%) found this review helpful

Okay, so I played the first one briefly, and loved it. It was an entirely new experience from any other game I've ever played. Now I normally play games like Uncharted, inFAMOUS, all on the PlayStation. So I'm an avid gamer of shooters and adventure games, but this game is defiantly an experience that does something every other game couldn't do, it relaxes. The graphics are superb, a few minor technicalities, but overall, the udnerwater seqeunces are amazing. The fish have so much life, the storyline is great, something the first one lacked. This game also has one new item that changes a lot of gameplay. That's the pulsar. Its a gun-type thing that heals sick fish, and scares off violent sharks and such. It adds a new sense of realism to the dangers of diving, and adds in excitement.

Pros: Amazing life in the ocean, huge environments, awesome fish, great storyline, amazing treasures, the pulsar is a nice touch. Greatly likable characters, simple controls. This game is a masterpiece, and excels at relaxation.

Cons: The camera is a pain in small spaces. Walking on land is a tiny bit odd.

Overall, this game is amazing. I will defiantly be buying it. Its a wonder of a game that's relaxing when you want it be, and a marvelous adventure when you feel like that. Its not for anyone, but like I said, I normally play upbeat, intensely fast-paced games on the PlayStation, and I LOVE this game. So if you like shooters or such, don't turn this game down instantly. And all the 1-star reviews are from sugar-addicts who got bored because they're not blowing off some cursing dudes face. Give it a try, hopefully you won't regret it.

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My Impression

posted by Shamakan (PRESCOTT VALLEY, AZ) Nov 15, 2011

Member since Nov 2011

3 out of 3 gamers (100%) found this review helpful

People seem to think that all games need to be violent and bloody to be "good" games however I love this game, other than the control mechanics, which I find to be sluggish and troublesome, the game is fun, at least from my point of view. It allows a person who never has been scuba diving to experience the thrill of it. While it is true that this is not a violent game, it has a serene peace to it. For those of you out there looking to break away from the violence and trouble in the world, I guarantee this game will, at least for a time, help you accomplish that.

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Scuba divers apply within

posted by Robofish (OWINGS MILLS, MD) Mar 3, 2010

Member since Dec 2009

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As someone who loves the water, and scuba diving in general this game is great. They nail the sounds of being underwater including the breathing.
The game itself has you on a mission to research the Dragon Song and find pieces of the mystery of it, and an ancient castle sunk underwater.
At the beginning of the adventure you create your diver, meet with a salty sea captain who teaches you the ropes. ( He reminds me a lot of Jacques Cousteau ) and meet his daughter Oceanna who will accompany you on some dives. After your intro he takes you to your home island. As the game progresses you can buy and store new dive gear here, and get some items for creating a custom coral reef to explore, as well as items for the island itself.
The gameplay itself is simple. Hold B to swim, and look at fish while exploring the environment. You can interact with the fish by feeding them, taking pictures or using a pulsar gun to heal or calm them down.
The big difference this time around is the Ocean does feel a lot larger and you are not limited to a small dive area. Each section of the world map has a fairly large ocean for you to explore. You are also limited by your air supply this time around. However the more you dive the larger your air supply gets. ( Kinda like real life where the more you dive the better you get and the less air you actually use as you become relaxed underwater. )
The animals underwater are gorgeous and move gracefully just like fish in real life.
If you are a diver, or are curious about being a diver. I'd recommend this game. It's not for everyone since it is not a typical game, but it's a great exploration experience and gives you a decent idea of what it is like to go scuba diving.

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