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GF Rating

Really Bad

How did it fail?

posted by Prufrock (NORTHPORT, AL) Aug 25, 2008

Member since Aug 2008

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It seems with RPG's there is a structure set in place for commercial success. That is an effeminate/ a-sexual lead, decent graphics, and a grandiose-to-the-point- of- cliché plot. Even teams of monkeys can create a satisfying rpg (I think Square has been using chimps since after FF8).

This game uses chimps, but the daft ones that don't know how to do much besides drink their own urine. The game is simple really. Once you get behind the graphic you realize that this just the corpse of a rpg thats been tarted up and pranced around. People complain that the voice acting was bad. and it was, but mainly because they were dealt with horrible characters. They were all one dimensional. How am i supposed to get excited over that. You've got the excited one, the dignified one, and, a new one, the stereotyped bum boy (edit that word Gamefly). Christ! They didn't hold back on the stereotypes when they created the poor character.

The fighting system was bland and uninspired. Probably the biggest problem of the game. Well the biggest breaker besides our blonde stereotype. The fighting system was wretchedly boring. and when you could read the text, which you couldn't because it was in size 7 font, it didn't really matter cause strategy was not needed.

Take it from me kids, if you want a good Strategy RPG play a Fire Emblem game. They can be difficult, but they are rewarding. Games like Enchanted Arms (the name makes me retch, too) make me hope that the game industry will realese another game like Earthbound in the US. Something original. Something worthwhile.

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GF Rating

Very Good

surprisingly good

posted by focussport (STOCKBRIDGE, GA) May 8, 2008

Member since Apr 2008

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This game was surprisingly good! Alot of the RPG's I've played for the PS3 have let me down, this one i enjoyed...and it has a crazy story! The battle system, though turn based, is still very interesting and very strategic. Its easy to navigate ( i hate games that make you spend stupid amounts of time trying to figure out where to go next).

All in all its an easy time killing game with an awsome story and killer graphics!

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GF Rating


Decent Classic RPG

posted by zod799 (CASTRO VALLEY, CA) Jul 20, 2007

Member since Jul 2007

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This game had its ups and downs. I thought that there were some fundamental design flaws in the menus. This included the text(which was unreadable on a 30in CRT tv), and general organization of the characters, skills, and parameter screens.

The problem I had was that if you choose to use golems in your party and you had 30 golems, your characters are not automatically at the top of the queue. In other words, you have to find the golem among the 30 or so that are available, in order to upgrade there parameters. I also felt that they should have created a separate list of all the golems, the main characters, and your current party, to allow the user to keep better control over the characters they like using. However it wasn't designed like that which I didn't like.

I did however enjoy the story and the battle system. The story was basic, semi predictable, but it was fun and the characters were pretty good. The battle system was a cross between classic turn based RPGs and turn based tactics style rpgs. The battle grid was split up with the enemy on one side and your characters on the other. You could move your character's and attack or heal as necessary. This made for a fun gaming experience.

All and all I liked the game. The graphics were very good and it was fun. I would rent it before buying it...because you may or may not want to play it again after one time through.

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