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enchanted arms

posted by darkside (SAINT MARYS, OH) May 25, 2007

Member since May 2007

This game is all in all pretty fun so far my girl friend and i have been flip flopping playing it and the other watching to keep up with the story. The story is over all decent and the game makes you laugh alot if you like stupid humor. The graphics are decent nothing special. The turned based fighting working like they want it to and it's nice to have the lazy feature of auto fighting when you don't fell like telling your guys how to attack. It's also nice not to have to heal up your hp and sp after a fight but you do have to watch your vp gauge if you didn't kill all the enemies in the first round. They probably could have done alot more with this game but for the first rpg on a new system its not a total flop.

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Ubisoft can do better!

posted by kofman (WINTER PARK, FL) May 21, 2007

Member since May 2007

This game is seriously incomplete, and I'm not talking about the glitches, or the dialouge that seems seems to have random moments of voice overs that were recorded during different times of day as each passage has a different tone of voice. Well what saves this game is the grid system. I'm still playing it, honestly I couldn't put it down since I got it yesterday and I'm 24% to completion. This might seem contradictary but I haven't played an RPG is a long time and somehow this thing full-fills my needs and desires.

Yes it's a quirky game, yes it has random battles, and is not a masterpiece of a game by a long shot. But what made me really enoy this game is the fact that I've played through a quarter of the game without once stopping to just level up. If your clever you can win every fight without needing to save. Although it does help to up your stats if your clever and most of all patient you should be fine in any situation.

Some additional words of advice; if you have weak hands, than don't play this, at least not for long periods at a time. The shacking sixaxis gimick is well overdone and I swear my hand is numb after constantly doing the boogie, than pumping up the special attack, and than doing the boogie again (you'll know what I mean if you decide to play).

Well I could go on and on. Basically speaking it's a game without competition, and you would probably have more fun playing a PS2 RPG since the graphics here, well hey .. that's in the eye of the beholder.

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posted by footfoe (DUMFRIES, VA) May 8, 2007

Member since Sep 2006

This is the lameest game ever lame charictors and uninteligentbattle system. i played it for two minutes then said this is lame and sent it back

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