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Enchanted Arms

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posted by Fibs (SPRING HILL, FL) Apr 11, 2014

Member since Mar 2014

I rented this because I LOVE turned based combat. The fights here were so easy I would win first turn 90% of the time using "auto fight". The turn is "All of your guys go" then "all of theirs that survived go". The story is excessively lame. Lots of ".." "...." "" "...ah" Lots of words are spoke, but nothing of any substance is said.
Combat: Dull
Story: Dull
Had to send it back after about 10 hours of boringness.

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Where to start??

posted by freeloader3 (WAKE FOREST, NC) Oct 26, 2012

Member since Oct 2012

Overall this wasn't a bad game. If you want a decent RPG with a nice storyline this game fits nicely. It's the usual turn based, collecting weapons and armor as you go kind of game.

The battle system is made of squares that the enemies and characters can move around in, much like Final Fantasy Tactics. It gets a little getting used to but does make this more of a strategy game since you do end up putting a bit of thought into a lot of your fights. This makes the gameplay actually pretty refreshing.

Just completing the main quests gets you all the acheivements in the game and it's very linear so its impossible to miss any.

The characters suck, to put it bluntly. They are very stupid, obnoxious, loud, and it doesn't hurt your feelings when bad things happen to them. Which is the main reason why I, and quite a few other people give this game a lower rating. It's hard to give it a good rating when you just plain don't like the characters....putting it on mute helps though.

The big unique thing about this game is the golems. Collecting them is like collecting Pokemon in the Pokemon games. Its fun to collect them, but impossible to level them all up. I thought they were a unique concept but found that the game didn't require them for the majority of the game so I only used them in the beginning when you had to and then never touched them again and my gameplay never hurt for it. I thought this was a shame but didn't feel like wasting time leveling up my golems when I could just use that time to level the characters I'm already using.

Overall, if you feel like a break from the cool new games and want a not-overly-long RPG to play, this one will fit that need...providing you can tolerate the characters.

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Enchanted Arms 2???

posted by stevenzak (ORLANDO, FL) Aug 5, 2011

Member since Aug 2011

this game is great!! please let there be a part 2 :)

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