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Enchanted Arms

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GF Rating

Very Good

Looks like Final Fantasy, sounds like FinalFantasy

posted by Nachos (COLORADO SPRINGS, CO) Oct 4, 2006

Member since Aug 2006

Tastes like Final Fantasy (mmmm.... nutty). The graphics are great! The game runs smooth. However, it's not too difficult. There are a few really annoying parts of the game too, like all of the references to homosexuality. It's not pervasive, but some parts of the game are heavy with it. And an actually conversation from the game assumes you think you are stuck and then tells you how to use a ladder, reiterates it for you, and finally asks if you would like to hear it again. All the gollums speak Japanese (except Executor - "Welcome to the White House" yeah, I don't get it either). The story is pretty good, but they just rehash it soooo many times in the dialog.

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GF Rating

Very Good

Could have been alot better, but its still good

posted by Nyte26 (FREDERICK, CO) Sep 28, 2006

Member since Sep 2006

Ok so this game was decent,im not into the grid based battle style.After about an hour with it i got a better feel for it. Its pretty simple also no real restrictions on the grid aside from you cant go into the enemies side and vice versa, which sometimes was a good thing.
With the Golems you could spend a VERY long time with this game if you wanted to collect them all get them all to higher levels and such, but the thing is that when you obtain that golems core what skills they have is it. Yes you can adjust all parameters of every character ie. hps, dmg, ranged, and such. to do that tho you need to keep 4 people/golems in your party to net them SP.(used to buy skills adjust parameters) i used the first golem you get for awhile then just swapped it out with a stronger one with better skills. and the only real reason i kept a golem or 2 leveld up was of the VP system. VP is your vitality points and they deplete after battles, more if that guy dies and also if you run away. if the VPs hit 0 you start with 1hp and 1ep making battles hard. but there are items to recharge them. also some of the final and best golems you get start at lvl 1 and have only 15 VP which made me not lvl them.
Battles themselves are very elemental orientated. yea its cool when you deal 3x dmg to an enemy of the opposed element, but its a pain when they do it to you. it can make some fights VERY hard.
but even some of these "flaws" as some see them its what i liked about it.and the mindless fighting to earn more SP to max out a stat.
There is also an "Omega" golem which i never got to but did get all the items to go into the shrine, why i dont know but the shrine is HARD from what ive heard. but from what ive heard this guy makes every battle a cake walk including the final boss. over all this is a great rent game, but i wouldnt but it. ENJOY IT!

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GF Rating


Kids, not adults

posted by jasontroy (EL CAJON, CA) Sep 11, 2006

Member since Jun 2005

Why did I rate this game a 5?

-AMAZING graphics
-fluid movement
-great characters

-HORRID battle style
-weak story
-FAR to much time wasting
-extrememly limited abilty to upgrade due to
scarceness in funds

Overall, leave this game for the kiddies. Not even worth renting for us adults.


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