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Extremely underrated but not for everyone.

posted by TwiddleA (SPARTANBURG, SC) Apr 25, 2011

Member since Nov 2010

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Let me start out by saying that Enchanted Arms made me laugh so hard that at one point I could barely breathe and my dog started barking frantically. Any game that can achieve this is already a game well worth it in my book, and this game surprised me by doing it just about all the time.

Now, on to other stuff.


CHARACTERS - 10 / 10

I know, you guys. "What?! 10?! You mean these characters are utterly perfect? But they're stereotypes from what I read! Tomboy females, effeminate males, silent types, come on!"
To which I'd reply, so? The stereotypes worked and each character had something that made them almost disturbingly refreshing in comparison. They weren't 2 dimensional, they had a depth that I hadn't seen in a while that made me care. There was also a stereotypical non-straight character that you don't see often, either.

VOICE ACTING - 10 / 10

I'd also like to throw in that the English Voice acting was stellar. If you want to know about Japanese, I'd say 2 / 10. I feel sorry for the guys over there having to listen to that and can almost picture them turning on English instead. I'd have taken one point off for Makoto's early battle cry that disturbed me, but at some point it started to make me laugh.

STORYLINE - 8 / 10
Well, you've got your airhead living a carefree life. You've got stuff that happens that makes it less carefree. You've got things that make it so he's the only one that can make it carefree again. You've got your team that wants to help full of people who actually form bonds with him and you by association. You've got a goal that you desperately want to achieve and a world to save.
That's pretty much it, spoiler-free. I'm not good at descriptions, but it's an amazing story to me. It had me wanting to get to the next area to see what happened next.

All in all, Enchanted Arms was well worth it. If for no other reason, get it if you feel like laughing and a good time

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why i rent

posted by hypertion (GAITHERSBURG, MD) Feb 20, 2011

Member since Feb 2011

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this is a good example of why i rent video games.

i have only played a few days and i have to say its terrible. i will be sending it back due to its extremely dull combat system terrible characters and so far really boring story. the graphics are not all that next Gen and only the Cutscenes are even remotely visually impressive. rather dissappointing..

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A good start.

posted by 35yrgamer (CLIFTON SPRINGS, NY) Sep 4, 2006

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This isn't FF but isn't bad either. The graphics are very strong, the battle system is well done, and the golem collecting is great. In short this game is fun to play. The problem that drags it down, I think, are the overdramatic, flamboyant, often annoying chars. One of the main chars you start out with is g4y. I could care less about that, however the game makes it so painfully obvious(the voice actor uses a fake and over pronounced lisp, the chars motions are over exaggerated, and the outfit he wears looks overdone even for Jpn rpgs). All of this adds together to make one of the game histories most embarrassing and annoying chars to play. Its bad. After an hour or so the char leaves your party and doesn't come back(at least not at the point I am at right now). If you can play through the first hour or so, your going to find a nice gem of a game. Stick with it. Other little things keep this game from being a perfect 10. The combat movement system is awkward. It uses a grid to move your chars on, some chars take multiple squares, and often get in the way, getting just the right attack from the char you want often requires to have your char in just the right spot. Not always easy to do. Once you do get it right, the enemies move on their grid and you have to readjust all over again. You don't buy equipment like in most games, you buy skills and equip them. Your chars look never changes, typical for a jpn style game like this. The game uses a mix of random and scripted battles. The over all story is passable, but nothing overly memorable. In my opinion, your don't have a PS2 for your RPG needs, then this is a good enough game to play. I am enjoying it, but am very glad I rented it from gamefly and saved 60bucks.

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