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Enchanted Arms

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Cliche and Over-the-Top, but fun anyway

posted by Maniac20 (ARLINGTON, TX) Apr 12, 2008

Member since Jul 2007

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This game is, as anyone else will tell you, exactly like any other turn-based RPG out there. You level up, buy items, fight a random encounter every several steps, advance a melodramatic-with-comic- relief plotline, etc.

The reason this game stood out to me personally, though, is actually for a reason most people would reject it. The English script and voice acting at times are just straight up silly. The occasional awkward pause or just generally inappropriate way of acting out a line make this game's story very hard to take seriously. At the same time, I still liked the story, and I still grew an attachment to the characters, but BOY HOWDY did the translation make this a hilarious game.

Fortunately, if you're not like me and like to take things as seriously as they are meant to be taken, you can turn the Japanese voice-acting back on and just read the subtitles.

The graphics are very good, too. The attack animations and occasional pre-rendered cut scenes are downright beautiful, if a bit over-the-top, in regards to what you'd expect of this type of game. The fighting in the game, while easy to learn, does require a fair bit of strategy to handle effectively. The puzzle elements of the game, however, are quite easy, as your hand is basically held through every dungeon, ladder, or button-pushing in the game. If you're someone who normally has to use a walkthrough occasionally when playing a game, you won't need one here. All the challenge is in the fighting.

The only beef I had with this game was something that is also typical of many turn-based RPGs. The difficulty gap between the penultimate and final bosses is MASSIVE. You can GET to the final boss at about level 42, but to BEAT the final boss you need to be AT LEAST level 60, and even at that level you gotta use A LOT of healing potions to win. So, if you want to finish the game, be prepared to spend at least 4 hours leveling in order to defeat the final encounter.

Still, it was a blast. Love it :P

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So close I could feel it

posted by Twizlex (DAUPHIN, PA) Sep 7, 2006

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This game was so close to being great that it almost makes me angry that it was released in its current form. Enchanted Arms is your typical Japanese-style RPG, with random battles and turn-based combat. If you've played a turn-based RPG before, you should know what to expect from the gameplay.

The main focus of the game is on the Golems. It can be looked at as a cross between Summons from the Final Fantasy series and Pokémon. You collect the different Golems and bring them out to fight with you in the battles. They are not huge mega-spells like Final Fantasy, they are actual characters that fight alongside you and your party. The battles play out on a grid, with different sections corresponding to different elements, which do different amounts of damage depending on the enemies' weaknesses. Battles can even be replayed if you lose, which brings me to my only real complaint about this game: it's very, very easy.

Most people don't think of the word "easy" when it comes to describing a RPG, but this game is too easy. Everything is very linear, and even puzzles don't involve any brainpower since they are basically explained to you. There's always a helping hand practically telling you everything you need to do... it's kind of annoying. Also annoying are the voices, which are downright excruciating. There's even a stereotypical gäy guy, and I think his voice is just a little over the top.

Graphically, this game shines. The environments are a little bland, but the character models all look nice, and the spell effects... wow. All the crazy lighting and particle effects are incredible. There are even some pre-rendered cutscenes which are very, very cool.

Overall, this game is pretty good. If you have a 360 and need to get your RPG fix, this game will suffice. There's not much to do outside the main quest, but there's a good 40 to 50 hours of game here. You can also take your Golems online to fight other players, which is nice addition. Check it out if you like RPG's.

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dont let low scores fool you...

posted by Venjeance (MENTOR, OH) Sep 11, 2006

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I debated even renting this game because I saw low scores on various sites, but it was well worth renting. There is a ton to this game, but the replay value may be on the low side. The game has roughly 40-50 hours of play time if you skip most of the extra stuff...if you tried to max all the golems out, it would probably take you a couple years worth of leveling up. Its crazy how many different golems there are in this game! I really enjoyed the story and characters as well. I was very impressed on how many funny parts there were in this game. It takes a lot to make me laugh, but this game had me cracking up...I hope they make a sequel. The combat system seems very lame at first, but once you get into the game, there is actually quite a lot of strategy involved. I had a blast playing this...give it a try yourself, and you will enjoy it as well.

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