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posted by RichScarry (MISSOULA, MT) Apr 24, 2008

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For fans of Crazy Taxi, this could be on your radar screen. The game play is very similar, but different in enough ways that could spark your interest. Codemasters didn't do a good job promoting this game, as it's so much better then a lot of junk Wii games out there right now.

For starters, you are in charge of reducing mayham in the city, and you do that in three ways - Fire - Medical - and Police work. All which have their own unique tasks and some mini games that go with each.

What this game is NOT - purely mini games. There are some mini games depending on what your task is, but it's a 60/40 split in favor of non-mini game goals. (i.e Drive to a burning garbage bin and use the Wii mote to put it out)

The game definitely has a last gen look to it, but it's smooth, color full, runs at 60fps with no dips that I could find and tight controls the game has some good texture work (ie the road and buildings) but some bad texture work as well (Grass looks like it did in the N64 days) No motion added when driving, so that was a selling point for me. As you restore mayhem, more places will open up, and the difficulty will increase (however you can pick between hard, easy, med. etc at the start menu) Overall, the graphics don't disappoint. They won't be anything to write home about, but they are good enough for you to want to keep playing, or at least not be distracted by ugly features.

The main down fall is this game is pretty repetitive. Pretty much each career you use you'll be doing the same things over and over and over. There are a varity of them, but they are all within the first level. Some annoying voice work that can be turned off, and for 1 mini game the controls are pretty hard to master.

It's a good rental, and if the price had been 29.99, it's a must have. With Mario Kart, Brawl, and Okami out, it's hard to factor this into your gameplay time, but maybe later down the road. It's a well made game and I give kodos to the devs.

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Needs CPR

posted by G3OFFB (GERMANTOWN, TN) Apr 22, 2008

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This game is awful, and the rating on it should be changed to warn anyone over 12 not to play this game.

I am an EMT and work with a lot of firefighters, I thought that I would enjoy this game (and believe me I had no real expectations). Boy was I wrong, maybe actually working on and driving an ambulance made me hate this game, or maybe I actually liked it better than non rescue workers.

Either way, don't waste your time, unless of course it's for your eight year old son to play.

Right off the bat, there are control issues. I instinctively felt that A shoud be Accelerate, and B for brake. The opposite is true. Mini-games require dexterity that the wiimote motion technology cannot handle. This would have been a good DS game (maybe), but the forced motion controls, etc. just hurt this game.

One more little gripe, No self respecting ambulance service has purchased a van style unit as used in this game in nearly 15 years, I don't think these guys did their homework at all.

Leave this one be, or at least move it down (way down) on your list.

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