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Above Average

boring/cheesy after a while

posted by jlalb06 (LONG BEACH, CA) Apr 26, 2009

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In the beginning once I figured out what I was supposed to do I really liked it. The sounds the people make when you hit their car or are chasing the bad guy get old really quick. You save people then you get more cheesy lines with no way of skipping it. You have to listen to the entire thing which gets old really fast. You may have a couple of Marina fires/rescues for example but the tracks are different. I did enjoy the different type of cars that I unlocked but I didn't finish the entire game. I think there were like 2 or 3 more for me to unlock before I gave up on it. The criminal ones got harder and I was right on the tail of the bad guy but couldn't get my car to go any faster so I could hit him. This really frustrated me. It would tell you to turn one way in chasing the bad guy you'd change direction then it'd tell you to change direction again. By this time you're lucky if you can even find the bad guy before being called off the chase saying that you lost him or something along this line anyway. At this point in the game the police chases weren't even fun for me and just made me want to rip my hair out from frustration. If you're good at racing games with good eye/hand coordination than this game would probably be fun for you. It's a good rental game but not a game that I'd personally keep to add to my collection of Wii games.

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GF Rating

Above Average

Entertaining but repetitive

posted by fierohink (BRUNSWICK, MD) Apr 15, 2009

Member since May 2008

This game uses the Wii-mote held sideways like Mario Kart and you steering by turning the Wii-mote. The controls are sensitive enough to not frustrate you. The gameplay has you behind the wheel of either a police car, fire truck, rescue truck, or barricade busting highspeed tank.

In Police mode, you chase after the bad guy. In between missions you drive through the sandbox world and find other lawbreakers and stop them.

In Fire mode, you drive a fire truck through fire and put it out as you go. Sadly the fire hose is controlled automatically so all you have to do is drive nearby while hitting A and the water stream locks on to the fire, very low difficulty. Again between missions you drive through the city and put out random multi-story fires the pop up.

In Rescue mode, you drive this armored vehicle into collapsing buildings and search for survivors. Not very difficult just drive around full throttle looking for green arrows to tell you where to go. Between missions you must drive through beacons to pick up supplies, really an easy task and you never use the "supplies"

In Roadblock mode you drive a soupped up car with a plow on the front to crash through vehicle pile-ups and get traffic moving again.

The missions are pretty easy and similar. But there is the ability to play in the sandbox of a world, although it isn't very big. Younger gamers will probably be entertained, you never accrue damage on your vehicle so drive however you want. The storyline is playfully entertaining, but simple.

If you are looking for a challenge you;ve come to the wrong place.

If you want a colorful light hearted and quick game to play this is it.

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GF Rating


Okay, but gets old quick

posted by cmd1971 (MILFORD, CT) Jan 20, 2009

Member since Jun 2006

This game is okay but it quickly gets old. Race around and save people. Great, but how about timing you to do it. There's really no way to fail.

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