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Above Average

Could have been a sweet WiiWare game

posted by RichScarry (MISSOULA, MT) Jun 7, 2008

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Games like Emergency Heroes are ultimately repetitive and razor thin story lines, but at certain points incredible fun and enjoyable. With this particular game, it's unfortunate it's a regular release, and maybe should have been developed for the WiiWare program.

Of course WiiWare requires a much smaller amount of space, but Emergency Heroes involves a lot of the same tasks over and over (One of it's bigger flaws) that could be cut out. The game is by no means shovel-ware, something the Wii is all to familiar with, even though it may look like it on the shelf. And considering it's target audience, it's a well made game that works and is fun.

Like always, there are much better titles out there then this 'no name' titles that get released under the radar. But games like this are fun for young children and it's simple and easy to follow. The game is pretty well made with some flaws here and there, but it's a 'who cares' moment when you do spot it in the game. Although repetitive, it's worth a rent and at least a second glance at when shopping. It does what bigger developers can't do, competent motion controls (especially if you use the Mario Kart Wii Wheel) and decent graphics that cater to the system.

It was a fun game, and I enjoyed finishing it. Hopefully it does semi-well and more time gets put into some sort of sequel or game aimed at a similar audience with more resources. Above average game, worth checking out if it looks cool to you.

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Great Handling Ruined By Lack Of Gameplay Depth

posted by Shazbot (BROOKLYN, NY) Jun 8, 2008

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EH has a good foundation in its game engine and surround sound system. Unfortunately it seems that while a lot of energy and time was spent on those things the storyline and gameplay got short changed.

EH has one of the better car handling and driving engines on the Wii and changes the handling well for different vehicles. Power sliding changes significantly with speed and from car to car, which is a very nice touch. Pumping the gas produces controlled slides also and the steering is mostly well tuned to Wiimote movement.

It also has great surround sound when used with a home theater system. You get a genuine 3D sound among traffic which adds to the overall feel of the game.

Consequently when you first start playing the game feels good. It teaches you the controls when you first need to use new things and despite the ease of the first missions you're having fun.

BUT (yep - it's a big but:-)), once you get past that first flush of playing you begin to realize that the missions are all based on the same stuff. The jumps just get longer and/or at an angle and the cars to chase just get a little more AI to avoid you ramming them and you have to be more precise in hitting them.

Once you get to this point things go downhill quickly and the challenge and freshness rapidly disappear.

It's not that it's a really bad game, it's just that it should have had some more time and thought put in to the missions in order to do justice to the obvious work that went in on the underlying game engine.

I enjoyed playing it for a relatively short time - but in my opinion the repetition and ease of the missions make this game limited and could have been so much more.

Rent it knowing that it does not have huge depth and you can enjoy this for a while. However, if you have greater expectations than that then you will most likely be disappointed.

Oh and unless you like chessy storylines a la Trauma Center you might want to turn down the volume! :-))

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How much ham and cheese do you want with "Heroes"?

posted by JMichaud (BETHESDA, MD) Jun 7, 2008

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There are disasters happening all over the city and only one rookie can put a stop to it (Why? is everyone else taking a coffee break?)
So begins Emergency Heroes.
You play as that rookie, a guy named Zach. He was kicked out of the force because of an incident, but now he's the only one available to stop this new crime and disaster wave.
To do that, you go on several driving missions - namely four diving missions.
First, you hunt down criminals by chasing them and smashing your car into theirs a certain number of times. Later levels require you to hit either their side or back. This is the best of the four game modes.
Second, you go through a track, plowing through a series of blockades by hitting the blockade at the marked point. This is the worst of the bunch.
Third, you race through a track to save people from burning buildings.
And the last game mode has you going through a track and putting out every large fire you meet along the way. Later levels require you to sometimes hit obstacles on the track to put out the fire.
Completing tasks takes only a few minutes and unlock new vehicles, but these new wheels don't add anything new to the mix.
Emergency Heroes could've been a fun game, but Ubisoft makes it a chore. The graphics and presentation are bland, and I got bored of doing the same four game types a dozen times over.
But the worst part of Emergency Heroes is the duologue. These characters ham it on the screen every chance they get. I've never heard such cheesy lines like the ones they throw out.
Female Dispatcher (to Zach): "You're so brave." Ugh.
Zach: "Just doing my job" Double ugh.
You'll have to listen to this god awful talk throughout the entire game.
Or you can just avoid it by not playing the game in the first place.

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