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Rhythm Games on the DS? It really works!

posted by JTurtle (MIDDLETON, WI) Nov 28, 2006

Member since Feb 2006

When people think of the DS, most tend to think of games like Nintendogs (My virtual dog is better than your real dog!), Trauma Center (Surgery? Surprisingly Fun!), and Phoenix Wright (Objection! Too fun and too short!). However, the idea of a rhythm game on the Nintendo DS seems like an idea from the Philips CD-i folks; BAD. And yet, Elite Beat Agents (Quandaan for the EU/JP crowd, I believe) is one of, if not the first rhythm game for the Nintendo DS; and let me say, it pulls off the complications of rhythm on the DS without any issues.

In an interesting (yet obvious) twist, the game is played entirely by using the touchscreen to hit numbered circles in order to the numbers and the beat of the song, or to follow beachballs along tracks to sound out notes. While seemingly very simplistic (which it is), the game is very difficult to master. Luckily, with four difficulty modes and about 20 different songs, this game will keep you entertained for quite a while. And once you finish the single-player, get some friends together for some multiplayer Single-Card or Multi-card gaming! The song choices are decidedly American, though we're crossing our fingers the sequel will have a wider selection of tracks.

My advice, is to skip renting this game and just buy it outright. It can be had for $30 or so at your local Electronics store/department, and it's a game you're sure to enjoy.

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Very Good

Another crazy game from nintendo

posted by Drhouse (BARNESVILLE, OH) Nov 20, 2006

Member since Aug 2005

what can i say more about the nintendo DS. The little handheld that is nonstop fun has come out with one great game after another. It is very clear why nintendo is dominating the portable gaming market now and this game is no exception. Elite Beat Agents. During the game you help the Elite Beat Agents as they combat every day problems for common people by by tapping, dragging, and spinning their dance moves. Such common problems as a babysitter wanting to ask the school jock to steady, but was forced to baby sit crazy children while she had time with him. This game is just like every other beat game. Extremely addicting! And even challenging. The only problem i have with this game is that there are not enough songs, if it is a beat game their should be as many songs as possible. One reason why guitar hero is very popular. If you love games that use the beat of the songs to make a challenging game, pick this one up. No reason why you should not. Further note, If you do not have a nintendo DS yet. GET ONE NOW!!

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