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posted by Shotgun (UPLAND, CA) Apr 20, 2006

Member since Nov 2005

This game is really weird. You are presented with 10 options to play the game. EAch one is a different sound machine you play with the stylus to create these sounds and great music comes out. I plugged it into my cars sound system and it just sounded great. REally trippy stuff when you listen to it through a surround sound system. Highly recommended for music lovers. Not for gamers who like a challenge because its not a game, you just make music.

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FYI this is not a "normal" game

posted by LuckyLepew (RACINE, WI) Apr 19, 2006

Member since Feb 2006

What this is, is a virtual composer. You can make very nice music with the help with the delightful plankton known as the electroplankton with use of the touch screen and the microphone integrated into the Nintendo DS.

Pros: you are able to try out multiple different mini exercises making music, and it is very entertaining for that 10 mins that you are waiting for you coffee or for your boyfriend to stop yapping.

Cons: All of the nice music that you are able to make in the game you cant save it, also it grows a bit tiring if you are playing it for more than that 10 mins unless music is your complete passion.

Overall: I found this to be a good time waster but not really anything more than that.

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Above Average

Plink plink plinkly plink plonk plop.

posted by VoxExM (BERKELEY, CA) Apr 19, 2006

Member since Jul 2004

Did you ever sit down at a piano as a kid and just like noodle around? Just press keys at random, enjoy the noise, make up little tunes, eventually build up to what you are certain is a revolution in music and then, once you're done playing, you can never ever show anyone what you've done ever?

Yeah, Electroplankton is like that.

Ok, so I'm fine with the "non-game" aspect of it. I'm pleased, actually, to see people taking the medium of portable interactive digital media, and throw something new together.

But the lack of a save feature is unforgivable. It's as if the artist, Toshio Iwai, was conciously denying us the ability to share our compositions with our friends. You know whose compositions are saved on there? His.

Now I'm sure that Mr. Iwai isn't being conciously obtuse, but it would be so easy to let us save our little plinky symphonies and let us take them to our friend's houses or, gasp, play them on other people's DSs! I'm sure that this idea has been floated somewhere before, but just think of a symphony of electroplankton, all plinking away in harmony.

It would be beautiful.

The cart itself, fun. The different types of electroplankton each play like minigames with no score, point, or end. It's pretty, yeah, and some of the tunes (especially the 8 bit ones) are really keen, but again, without the ability to save, it's like noodling away at a piano when you're six. Maybe you have discovered a revolution in music. But no one's ever going to hear it.

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