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Good for what it is.

posted by Cymrix (OLYMPIA, WA) Aug 18, 2006

Member since Aug 2006

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Like a lot of others have said, this is not really a game. Or more specifically not a "typical" game. But it is quite easy to get caught up in the colors and sound. Especailly if you have a good set of head phones.

The biggest draw backs for me where

-Not enough variety per electoplankton. It just seems like they could have easily added a few more types of beats and sounds per electoplankton. The variety of "Types" of electroplankton is nice though.

-The need some sort of randomness. Even if small variations. The electroplankton don't really seem "alive" as they get caught in whatever pattern you set them on for the most part.

-A save function. You can spend a lot of time tweaking the little electroplankton to make some cool sounds and then you can't even save anything to show anyone. Really lame. This alone makes me not ever want to buy it.

Anyways, overall it was a great experience. If these few things had been added you wouldn't be able to find a copy to play it would be so popular.


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Unique, interesting, but not a game.

posted by Justy8 (BURBANK, CA) Apr 12, 2006

Member since Jan 2005

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Nintendo has always been, let's face it, Revolutionary. Electroplankton is no different. This is not a game, this more of music interaction. The concept that little microscopic organism create music in various ways may not sound interesting, but when you put in the Nintendo DS aspects of touching, using the microphone, and interaction with what you are playing, it becomes quite harmonious. I found myself just listening to the music i created and annoying people with the Rec Rec.

I do not recommend buying this game, but i highly recommend renting it just to experience it. I would hope this can be used as a tech demo to see how music can interact with the touch screen.

If you have read this, it may not have made much sense. Electroplankton is difficult to describe. It is a game (or not a game) that you just have to experience.

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Fun to mess around with, But still lacking

posted by Freakout (LAKE ELSINORE, CA) Jul 17, 2006

Member since Jul 2006

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This is a fun little thing to mess around with between games. As others have said, it's not really a game. But it's still a very unique item for the DS.

I love creation games/toys such as this. It's fun to play around with for a while, but if you do something really awesome... you can't save it! I thought this was a really dumb idea by the game developers. That takes a big chunk out of why I didn't like the game. I mean the entire thing wrapped around imagination and creation, but you can't save your work!

Other than that, there's not much else wrong. Here on Gamefly, 7 = Good. I thought the game was good, but it could be improved. But it's definitely worth the rent if you like to use your imagination to toy with things, it's a nice break between games. Try it!

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