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Really fun!

posted by Midwestgam (HUXLEY, IA) Feb 5, 2007

Member since Jun 2005

Well, this game wasn't exactly perfect, but I thought that most of the time it provided a great party-like game! Either picking it up for 5 minutes just to throw stuff around, or maybe sitting in front of your t.v. for hours, capturing the elebit creatures like a mad man. Either way, it seemed to never wear out. They also did a great job mixing the variety of the levels, the first levels take place inside your house, but later, there will be no gravity. Those levels, were incredible. Definitely worth a try. That is, if you haven't already beaten red steel.

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Another Unpolished Wii Game

posted by conman (SOUTH BEND, IN) Jan 22, 2007

Member since Aug 2006

As I play through more and more of the early Wii titles, I'm starting to recognize a pattern. Almost all of these games seem incredibly unpolished and underdeveloped. Elebits is but one more example.

Like many of the other titles out currently, this game plays more like a technology demo than as a full-fledged game. I can only guess that developers weren't sure if the console would sell well or not, so a lot of developers put out some very quick titles. The ideas and driving concept are cool in Elebits. I like the idea that electricity and household appliances are run by little creatures from outer space. In terms of gameplay, it tries to be something like Pikmin, Katamari Damacy, or Chibi-Robo, but ends up being only a so-so entry into the expanding genre of "little-itty bitty critter puzzles."

Elebits is OK in terms of fun. I was moderately entertained, and a younger player may be entertained even more than I was. I like picking things up and manipulating them with the remote, but it gets tedious after a while. The layouts can be clever and it does make you think a little bit about the elebits that may be hiding in your own house, but otherwise this is a game that will likely be forgotten as soon as better titles arrive for the Wii.

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Over and over and over and over and over and over

posted by Kendall88 (PLAINVIEW, TX) Jan 22, 2007

Member since Jan 2007

This game was interesting. Creative plots, ideas, and game controls. You use a gravity gun to practically destroy any given level in search of Elebits. Elebits hold electricity to power different electronic devices. The voice acting was AWFUL...I mean BAD. But the story still came off as ok. The game fell short to me as far as lasting appeal. You start out tearing up your room. Then you tear up your dads room. Then you tear you the hall way, then the office, then your room again...etc. This is the most repetitive game I have played in quite some time. I'll admit that destroying things is interesting but I can only handle so much. Rent it if your curious but I'm guessing you'll get bored faster than you think.

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