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How does a person describe this masterpiece?

posted by popokata (PACIFIC PALISADES, CA) Dec 27, 2011

Member since Apr 2010

Skyrim is above and beyond the mark of good gaming. It puts it self in a position where only the best video games are aloud to be. I have played over a hundred video games in my life but I have never played anything like Skyrim. Skyrim is the most beautiful, huge, landscape the gaming world has ever seen. You can do anything and customize everything. You start out in the beginning as a prisoner sent to execution. Right after one dies you are next as you get into the position you are ready to die. Then a dragon comes into the village and causes total havoc. As you go through you find a way out and escape to go to a near by village. In the beginning you can pick between species where you can become an elf, cat, lizard, or just a human, (There are names to the species but I forget them so I just say that). You costume everything, your cheekbones, nose, mouth, eyebrows, eyes, facial hair, color skin, scars you name it you will be able to customize it. Well now that you do all of that, you just start the game. You are given quests that you can choose to do. The best part is you can just explore and forget about the quests. You just wonder the land, finding new civilizations and cities. As you go through the land of Skyrim, multiple creatures try to kill you. All of the creatures are designed amazingly, they are armed ( Except for the Bears, Mammoths, elk, wolfs, and any other animal. Well enemies like skeleton are armed and trolls and human. I feel one of the best parts of Skyrim is all of the equipment there is in the game. You can find tons of books, weapons, clothes, and just whatever. Also about customization, you can level up magic and summonings. You can use shouts and use fire, electricity, Ice, and things that are like black holes that devour your enemies. What is also crazy is that there are tons of AI, you can ask them millions of questions and whatever. And the coolest part is Dragons. Finally my ONLY concern is that it takes very long to kill something. 9.8

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posted by KingJ2020 (TUPELO, MS) Dec 22, 2011

Member since Dec 2011

I love this game! It has great story and sub storylines and action around every corner.

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Good game

posted by CXB552 (WOODBRIDGE, VA) Dec 13, 2011

Member since Nov 2010

This is a really good game but, this is stuff i played when i was 10 only in really good graphics. Great game for ages 12 and under. I rented this game for all the hype even though i had know idea what it was. the moment i played it, i just found my self playing a first person, runescape that upgraded every single detail.

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