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Very Good

Worthwhile for RPG fans

posted by tjsmoke (NORTHAMPTON, PA) Nov 14, 2011

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Bethesda's follow-up to Oblivion again places you on a quest which may affect an entire kingdom. Dragons have returned to Skyrim, and your character, which you create to your liking, is one of the Dragonborn. After a daring escape from the headsman's axe during a dragon attack, you're off into the world of Skyrim. You can follow the quest, or not. It's your choice, and if you have the time to devote to this game, you'll find that there is plenty to do. The menus have been streamlined from Oblivion, and movement is a bit better, though in 3rd person you still look more floaty than actually walking upon the ground. The graphics are very beautiful, even though there is considerable pop-in to the scenery, even on shorter draw distances. Leveling up is easier than Oblivion, and you can mix and match skills. Want to wield magic with one hand and a sword in the other? You can. And you're free to switch to full blown warrior or mage at any time during the game. You're never locked in to one class. Each race has specific attributes, but you can level them up as you wish, so choosing one over the other doesn't prevent you from exploring different ways to play. The game is glitchy. I've seen elk stuck in trees and people disappear into doors without opening them. Nothing game breaking though, which is good. The voice acting for the many characters you meet is decent, but not outstanding. The music is beautiful, but the story is a bit on the thin side. Other than wondering what lies beyond the next ridge or what's behind a castle door, there's not a lot to compel you through. There is plenty to do, with your typical quests taking you through the main story as well as plenty of side missions, so if this is your type of game you'll be occupied for for weeks on end. Those who enjoy a more focused narrative and compelling characters, however, may tire of this sooner rather than later. It's definitely worth checking out, and if you're a big fan of RPGs this is a purchase easily.

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The RPG that made me look like RPGs .

posted by Ekuriox (FORT WORTH, TX) Nov 12, 2011

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The Elder Scrolls: Skyrim plays as a first person ... Axe / sword flailing... Arrow shooting game -- You can also change to third person view. With a massive world to explore and billions of side missions and exploration to do in this game is very entertaining.

You create your own character and choose how you place yourself inside the game.

Upon attempting too flee a Warrant of your arrest, you have been placed as Guilty and you are to be beheaded. Just as you lay your head down to be chopped off... A massive dragon swoops in setting everything on fire and allowing you your chance in freedom of escape.

This Elder Scrolls is by far the most visually stunning. Character motion has been completely redone -- you will know as soon as you swing a sword that the control elements have a variety of ability, that is actually more noticeable than the previous title. The lock-picking is similar to the Fallout series. Some locations do not need to be loaded. There is now an ability to Sprint. I wont spoil all the details... But with exploration and a great deal amount of freedom of what you do this game is great--rather if you like helping out villagers or killing them all.

The Elder Scrolls got me into looking at RPG titles more frequently... Even if half the time I spent on was lockpicking and wondering around aimlessly pick pocketing. ~OOo shiny knife... MINE!

This title is defiantly a 10 and worth trying out.

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A rare type of game

posted by asylumpoet13 (PITTSBURGH, PA) Feb 23, 2012

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Very rarely does a game come along that, despite any hiccups, glitches, or struggles it poses in gameplay, move you to such a degree as Elder Scrols V: Skyrim. By now, Bethesda has addressed many unknown variable issues and attempted to send out patches to correct the wrongs each individual player has ecnountered, but that is niether here nor there. Where Skyrim succeeds is creating a distinct, vast, universe where even the mundane tasks from smithing to alchemy are a vast joy and enrich the experience of craftring a character and a world of your own. Skyrim gets so many aspects right, allowing you to select a race at the story's beginnning, but craft your character in a way that you never feel bound to that choice. Want a nord for his strength and combat skills, go ahead, and then craft his magic and alchemy to level out to that of a mage, or further develop his combat skills to make him an unstoppable melee machine. Once you craft your character, and discover the world of Skyrim, you'll quickly learn the joy of battling dragons or crossing the frozen tundra on a quest only to pick up three more along the way, and wind up sidetracked into a fourth mission that almost demands (only in your head) immediate attention, only to pick up three more quests in relation to that one. If anything, Bethesda continues to learn from its previous massive RPG's, and if this is any indication, the Fallout series, which is sure to be next on the list, has a very promising future ahead of it.

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