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Skyrim...worthy of perfection!

posted by radiofloyd26 (VANCOUVER, WA) Mar 6, 2013

Member since Oct 2012

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There are so many aspects of this game which make it amazing. Skyrim is the biggest open world game I've ever seen, and countless things to do. Buying a house and placing books on bookshelves or weapons on weapon rack might not seem like much but for me it's just one little thing that makes this game so great. The number of quests are so great that you feel like the game could never end. Magika, armor, weapons, horses, and cities are just another great way to enjoy building the world you want to live in. The freedom to do as much as I please is very refreshing, the map is so massive that it's hard not to find a troll to kill or an elf to hunt. The skills system is one of the most impressive aspects of Skyrim, choose a character a set is skill set to exactly how you want it. No need to waste time upgrading heavy armor if you choose to be an assassin, just master sneak, archery, or pick pocketing. The combat gameplay isn't the best at first, but as your level gets higher the combat get better. I love everything about this game and I personally think it's perfect with a few very minor flaws or glitches that can be overlooked. Get Skyrim add-ons such as Hearthfire and Dragonguard to make the Skyrim experience even better. With those add-ons you get great new quests, armor, weapons, and with Hearthfire you can build your very on house in Skyrim. Unbelievable game people you really should give it a chance. Thank you!

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9 almost 10

posted by Irish76 (LAS VEGAS, NV) Jul 6, 2012

Member since Jul 2012

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Strong 9. Would have been a 10, but game play was jumpy, game freezes, and quite a bit of gliches. Controls were awesome. Free roam, beautiful. it was a never ending game which made it fantastic. The fiirst time i started playing, I went for 36 hrs straight. So much to do. Bring on another one Bethesada

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posted by Ur_Papi (SAN BERNARDINO, CA) Nov 11, 2011

Member since Sep 2011

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Skyrim is truly an amazing RPG. The amount of content that this game has is unbelievable. Skyrim truly has only positives aspects, but you'll experience some glitches like Fallout 3 or others RPG I really haven't experience any so far and I have play for quite some time but really nothing that will affect this game. Skyrim is so big that you more likely to get lost in the map combating random enemies or clearing dungeons which there are a lot and I mean a lot of those and they are amazingly unique.

Presentation: 10 The story is really well design and the world feel vivid and real it may sound crazy but I felt like I was in there exploring this amazing and huge world.

Graphics: 9.5 The world and environment are what shines but the character models look great as well.

Sound: 10 The sound really is right on point not only it sounds great it fits where you are at that point and the swords, shields and magics sound great. Also the dialogues sound great.

Gameplay: 10 It's fast pace and satisfying good. Magic look and feel good. I always like combat with a sword and forget about magic but in this game I change from a sword and shield to a sword and a spell or two spells or two handed sword it feels awesome and keep the gameplay different. Also the amount of leveling up is really deep.

Lasting: 10 Well since it's an RPG it's really long and Skyrim is not only really really long but extremely deep because of everything you can do from joining guilds to side quests and of course the main missions and more that you should experience yourself.

My final review is 9.6 You can't go wrong with Skyrim the whole game is rewarding and amazing.

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