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best rpg ever

posted by ascully007 (UNION, NJ) Nov 20, 2011

Member since Nov 2011

I didnt have real high expectations when i got this game. I didnt want the hype to influence me but wow is this game awesome. The visuals are so much better than oblivion. At one point i was looking at a mountain from a city and couldnt tell if it was a game or real it looks that good. The games story is awesome so far. Everytime a dragon circles overhead your adrenaline starts to pump. i spent like 6 hours walking around on my own and havent even seen a small percent of the land.kudos to bethesda they have truly carved a true fantasy epic with this game.

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posted by JMAN1979 (GATESVILLE, TX) Nov 20, 2011

Member since Mar 2010

Get this game.

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Fantastic game. Buy it, don't rent it.

posted by AndyA7X Nov 20, 2011

First of all, i'm not a big fan of RPG games cos i used to find it dull and stupid. Skyrim's different. It changed my life. It made me realised how wonderful the RPG world is. I'm gonna list down the pros and cons.

1. Over 300+ hours of gameplay
2. The map is HUGE. Super HUGE.
3. Dragons!!! Slay them all!!
4. Beautiful graphics and nice character animations.

1. Can be a bit glitchy sometimes.
2. Dropping of framerate.
3. Bugs.. Bethesda -.-"
4. Lags.

A little tippy tip for Skyrim players out there who experienced major glitchiness and bugs. Before playing, remember to delete the older autosaved/manualsaved files and keep the CURRENT autosave file ONLY. Been doing this since i played this game and i have not yet experienced any bugs or dropping of framerates but freezed only two times but no big deal. Not to forget, i have been reading the reviews and some of them complaint that they seem to be experiencing freezes when their save game files exceeds more than 6mb. Haha its funny you know cos my save game file is almost reaching 9mb and i have not yet experience any major freezes.

Last but not least, buy Skyrim! Don't rent it! Have fun gamers :)

PSN ID: JackRussell345

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