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Very Good

Great, but Way too Much Hype

posted by pswilliams986 (ROCKY POINT, NC) Jan 4, 2012

Member since Oct 2011

This game is very addicting; if you've heard someone say you can easily put 200 hours into it they're not exaggerating. Although the claims of it being the best game ever are huge exaggerations. The gameplay feels a little stiff and you really need to have the time to invest into this game and build up your character or your result will be death and a lack of progress in the game. I can definitely see the appeal and the game does appeal to me in a very big way, but I don't think it deserves the massive critical acclaim its getting. It is revolutionary in terms of allowing the player to make their own experience, but that quality doesn't appeal to me enough for me to completely ignore obvious problems like its glitches, lag, and less than perfect gameplay.

Personally I think Uncharted 3 was the better game this year, with Skyrim as a close second. That's not saying its not worth a buy at full price though. There are at least ten games that deserve their $60 price tag in 2011 and Skyrim is one of them. I just don't think its more deserving than about five of those.

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Good Game but isnt it bacially a non MMO WOW

posted by fader (ARCADIA, CA) Jan 2, 2012

Member since May 2011

Game is great, overall very fun to play but I kept thinking to that this is very similiar to World of Warcraft or perhaps WOW is similar to Skyrim. Nevertheless it is a fun game.

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posted by shooterjunkie56 (COLORADO SPRINGS, CO) Jan 1, 2012

Top Reviewer

Member since May 2011

Let me start off my saying, I just couldn't get into Oblivion. I thought the gameplay was clunky and the characters were very dull. But with Skyrim, it hooked me from the very get go. This game is leaps and bounds beyond what oblivion did and a must buy for any RPG fan or any gamer in general.
Elder Scrolls 5 starts out with you in custody about to be slaughtered. Then you're saved by a dragon. Then that same dragon almost kills you. THen you discover that you are a dragon born, so you get all of these insane powers and abilities.
Skyrim is one massive game. The world that Bethesda created is so massive that even after over 150 hours of gameplay you'll still be getting quests that lead to undiscovered territory. Skyrim isn't jst a huge beautiful world, this game has so much content it will blow your mind. You can expect to spend over 300 hours on one playthrough. Skyrim is one of those games that no matter how many hours you put into it, you want to keep playing to see what you might uncover next.
You can do anything you want in skyrim. If you want to be a master at cooking you can do that or if you want to boost your alchemy, potion, smithing, tanning, lockpicking, smelting or any other skills you can do that. Upgrading your character goes even further by the use of doesen's of perks and each perk that you want to level has a constellation that you navigate to choose what skills you want. You also have shouts which are special power that give you the ability to slow time, shoot fire ect. It's insane the amount of things you can do in this game.
This game does have bugs but they're not major. The game did crash on me once. But I'd been playing for about 80 hours before I experienced this. There are bugs like teleporting mammoths or when you die sometimes you fly up in the air, but not a big deal considering how massive and rich this game. is
All I'm trying to say is go buy this game.

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