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skyrim is awesome

posted by kweiberg (TONKAWA, OK) Jan 28, 2012

Member since Sep 2011

tis game is my favorite buy it it is awesome.the dragons are beast ani i have slayed three.long storu short buy the game ar rent it if you are not into rpg like games.

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posted by xedous2331 (ROODHOUSE, IL) Jan 27, 2012

Member since Jan 2012

I was kind of shaky of Skyrim when I first heard of it. A lot of people who raved about it were the same people who had a lacking taste in video games. When I first played Skyrim was at a friends house on the 360, I played only the first few minutes of it. But none the less I was captivated.

Being the first game I rented from Gamefly I was far from disappointed. The story is good and solid and from what I understand it makes allusions to Elder Scrolls IV Oblivion. The game starts off with the player character going to meet his end for illegally crossing the border into Skyrim. From there the story takes a bit to pick up, but once it does it shares plenty of big booms. Which most players will enjoy, much like myself.

As far as graphics and character creation they were superb. I've found that some of the options they give you don't do much. Such has chin height, width, ect. My only problem with these beautiful graphics is that characters that are supposed to be graceful and feminine look very butch. There are a few that have feminine qualities, but they work in professions that would make them appear butch.

Gameplay was splendid, I'm not much for first person games I'll admit. I need a third person view to see what my surroundings are and how I can best adapt to them. Skyrim gives you the option for both, but alas its third person gives you an over the shoulder view that would be more useful in Fallout. There are some bugs but most of them can be exploited in your favor.

Other Issues:
One of my biggest issues was the constant lag after a while. For the most part it runs smoothly, but when I'm on an adventure I don't like to be caught up with slow movement in the middle of battle. Another issue of mine is that I am used to games with a very long main story. Skyrim's story as mentioned above was good, but they could have done far more with it, and made it so you could know a certain amount of words before one progresses. I won't spoil it for the rest.

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posted by Gurnett (BUFFALO, NY) Jan 27, 2012

Member since Dec 2010

I got this game on a Thursday, and played it for an hour. The next day, I called off of work and played it for nine hours straight. I've been waiting for a truly GREAT RPG for the PS3, and we finally have it. The next I bought the game and the strategy guide.

If you are going to play through the game, I'd definitely recommend spending $26 on the strategy guide.

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