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Best of The Best

posted by Ice_Man (HAYWARD, CA) Jul 6, 2012

Member since Jul 2012

16 out of 16 gamers (100%) found this review helpful

This game truely is one of the best RPGs Ive ever seen. Great story, best player building and the options seem to go on forever. It took me well over 200 hrs to "beat" this game and I took that long because I wanted some sweet armor and a tight spell to battle the final boss with. Funny part is I could have easly put in another 200 hrs trying to complete all the side quests. A friend of mine was playing at about the same level as me and we both had diffrent storys to tell. Who we sided with, Who we killed, what factions we went with and all kinds of things the other one missed altogether..... I dont say this about many games but this one is worth the buy. I paid full price for mine and would do it again in a heart beat. If you have a thing for RPGs this ones for you.... p.s. If you have a 360, get it on that. load time and memory is why I gave it a nine.

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Emosewa's Myriks

posted by UkManiak (ROCHESTER, NY) Nov 13, 2011

Top Reviewer

Member since Sep 2010

55 out of 62 gamers (89%) found this review helpful

I have been let down so many times in this year of gaming 2011. So many over hyped titles, so many disappointments. I never lost hope in my beloved gaming. Being an older gamer, my taste has become finer and my passion is as stone. So few games out there that really hit at the heart for me, Skyrim is one those few.

So many good things about this game, much improved from Oblivion. The one I love the most is the fact that you are no longer tied to skills you chose before. You may honestly choose to be ANY type of hero/villain you want to be AND change your mind at any point in the game. Gold.

Exploring has not lost its luster, if anything, it has gained some. When I explore without a companion (mercenaries for hire, or house calls), I really feel the world is genuine and dangerous. The change in settings is wonderful, and the varied gameplay just from your surroundings is a diamond in the rough, so much replay ability!

The story, the characters, the side quests, the settings, the game-play, all deserve extreme high praises. The magic is improved upon greatly, and THE DRAGONS! Every fight is heart pumping and you can make it all your own! The new "kill" animations are a "killer" way to finish a dragon fight. The dragons are also random, I was walking out of my dorm area at the College of Winterhold and one landed right in front of my face and we battled to the death!!...I won first try!

You cannot get your Skyrim experience through my words! You must rent, and give it a go! Skyrim will not be for all, but it will stun Elder Scrolls fans and sign on many new ones to the fight for good and honor!

The title of my review is my first characters name. I am an Argonian Assassin. My loyalty lies with no one, yet, and the bow and dagger are my weapons of choice. Stealth and Illusion are my game, but if you interrupt me I will burn you with flame. Be proud of your creation, it is one of the best experiences in the game. You are dragon born, you are Dovahkiin.

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The Elder Scrolls V: Skyrim

posted by Chaos1101 (WOOSTER, OH) Nov 11, 2011

Member since Mar 2011

78 out of 88 gamers (89%) found this review helpful

First of all... This game is amazing. It continues from Oblivion. It started out slow for me. But after about 2 hours of playing it really picked up. No problems with glitches or anything in that amount of time for a new Bethesda game... Pretty impressive I think. The graphics for this game are unbelieveable. The new character designs for the non human races are very nice, especially the Khajiit, compaired to oblivion. The combat is kind of slow (using 2handed weapons) but the rest of the gameplay is pretty fast. Being able to make any armor just by leveling up your smithing skill is useful so you don't have to buy or find it, just make it. Sad thing is you can't break items down in order to create new items. But the NPCs sell the ingredients for smithing so it works out. The main questline is pretty fun, forcing you to make a choice right after starting the game. (Changeable later so don't worry). I have to say that this is the best Elder Scrolls game yet. So I give it a 10/10.

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