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What a fantastic game!

posted by BrianF (NOBLESVILLE, IN) Apr 17, 2007

Member since Feb 2007

I really didn't think I'd get into Oblivion. I don't know that I've even played an RPG before. This seems to be more than an RPG. This game is similar to the GTA games in terms of being more of a sandbox game than RPG. I've never been into the Fantasy Folklore, Dungeons and Dragons type of stuff, but this thing sucked me in. There's SO much to do. There's supposedly 400 hours of gameplay, and I don't doubt it. So many side quests, so many caves and such to explore, so many weopens and potions and spells...I'm rambling. If you've got a month or two to kill, give this game a try. I only tried it out because of the stellar reveiws it had gotten from the gaming sites. I'm glad I did.

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pretty crazy

posted by Ndru000 (ARLINGTON HEIGHTS, IL) Apr 14, 2007

Member since Jan 2006

well ive read most of the reviews and i would agree with 95% of what everyone was saying that this is a keeper and awesome. But this game is not perfect and since you can see i rated this a 9 obviously i loved it. so im gonna share the negative aspects.

alot of items didnt get as much detail as say the scenery, which you dont really pay attention to but still. also when an AI opens a door they sometimes go right through it, or they open the door and the door just goes through them, usually in houses. Also weapons when put away are just there on your body like a quiver of arrows, if you look at them there just floating behind you like an inch so if there was a strap to show that there on you that would be cool same with any weapons. when its raining it goes thru bridges.

when your in a guild there are rules, usually no killing your guild members. in the theives guild you steal something (i forget) from a mage and sometimes things happen and you kill him, so even though theres noone around you and it was a stealthy kill youll be cast out of the mages guild.

some side missions are bogus, like if your the arch mage, and your doing theives guild missions you have to steal a staff from the arch mages room but since you completed the mages guild your the arch mage so your stealing some staff thats in your room, thats pretty odd and theres a few more like that.

there are bugs in this game, sometimes they happen sometimes they dont so save often. it freezes or when your spying the AI wont talk to eachother or even reconize that there standing next to eachother, or an quest item just disappears or you have a key that unlocks a chest or door but it wont work, things like that.

if you break into a place and they catch you you can have a convo with them and walk out idk about you but i would call the guards not have a friendly convo with someone that broke in.

i can go on but im running out of room so altho this game is insane it isnt perfect.

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posted by Deanrose (PORT JEFFERSON STATION, NY) Apr 7, 2007

Member since Jan 2006

Good game, but I found it overstimulating.

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