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Elder Scrolls IV: Oblivion


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Excellent Open-Ended RPG

posted by anonreview (Tallahassee, FL) Apr 24, 2007

Member since Feb 2007

Oblivion is a excellent and expansive (100+ hour) RPG. It's a bit slow to start and requires some patience, but if you're into RPGs and you give it a chance you'll almost certainly like it. The high points are open-ended gameplay, unbelievable graphics, and interesting plots. The formula works well. Immersion is important to me, and I've rarely felt so immersed in a game as when I play Oblivion. They even hired some professional voice talent -- you may recognize some popular actors. (Yes, there's a reason Martin Septim sounds like Boromir.)

As others have mentioned, the open-ended and nonlinear gameplay comes at the price of complexity and a few rough edges. The game can be a little buggy and hard to understand at times, but I think the good more than makes up for the faults with Oblivion.

Not everyone will like this game, but if you like RPGs and have enough patience to let it grow on you, this one is definitely worth a try.

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Great game! Definitely worth playing!

posted by Number47 (SACRAMENTO, CA) Apr 24, 2007

Member since Jun 2005

I really wasn't expecting much out of this game because i'm way more of a shooter and action kinda guy but i was really floored by how much i loved this game!

The graphics are amazing. Textures, animations, character models, and special effects are all jaw dropping. The intricacy on the characters is very complex. The lighting is very good and the flickering details in shadows and torches is nothing short of excellent. These are truly next-gen graphics! The PS3 version does look a bit better than the 360 version(textures aren't as blurry, more clearly drawn objects and characters, less pop-in, and no "loading area..." pauses)

The gameplay matches the quality of the graphics and is the real high point of the game. The customization in Oblivion is the most in depth i've ever seen and is my favorite part. You can be one of 10 races that each have their own attribute bonuses. Characters can be customized right down to their eye color and the shape of their face, nose, and lips. There are 21 classes to pick from which determine how you'll play the game and you can even create a custom class if none of those fit you. You truly can be anything you want: archer, warrior, sorceror, thief, or any combination of those and more! The world itself is huge and traveling across it is time-consuming on foot so horses and a fast travel feature are available. The actual combat itself seems boring at first but you'll find it much more exciting and complex as you go along.

The system for managing quests is very good and you'll be glad it is because there are 200+ different side quests in the 200 hours of gameplay. The replay value of Oblivion is very good as well.

In short: Oblivion is a MUST PLAY GAME! Don't miss this game, even if you aren't the RPG type, because you will regret not playing it.

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Excellent Game

posted by JasonWrigh (SEATTLE, WA) Apr 21, 2007

Member since Jan 2007

This game looks amazing the game play is great. The stories and side quests are a blast. If you are a two at a time renter I would just buy it the game is said to have over 50 hours of game play not counting the knights of nine content.

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