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GF Rating


Perfect Game For Me

posted by PanzerAce (Brooklyn, NY) Mar 28, 2007

Member since Dec 2006

22 out of 26 gamers (85%) found this review helpful

I've played Oblivion for about 7 hours now. I've created a character (Imperial), explored a bit, spoke to many citizens from different cities and thought to myself... this has got to be the most perfect game I've EVER played.

I haven't been a RPG fan.. well I played Runescape.. but I don't think people like to call it RPG.. they're more ashamed of even mentionining that haha.. but anyways. This has got to be my first REAL RPG game.. The reason I rented it is because I had an interest in it but it was totally worth it.

What makes this game worth so much is the hard work the developers have put in. You have a VAST map and many many places to visit, many of them are secret and not discovered. You have different races to choose from, various skills and abilities to master and overall 1000 hours of gameplay to put into and I'm still sure you will not get bored of this game.

The controls are excellent, the graphics are fantastic. Each character has its own specific personality. Various different mini-games like pick-pocketing in the night, breaking into houses and stealing, but if you're caught you go to jail...etc..etc

This is a MUST BUY for any type of gamer. It will be an awesome PS3 collection.

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GF Rating


Oblivion, Bethesda's finest.

posted by Lumines (HIALEAH, FL) Jun 21, 2007

Member since May 2007

6 out of 7 gamers (86%) found this review helpful

When I popped this game into my Playstation 3 I was not expecting much other than a simple RPG that would satisfy my crave for some good old role playing. I, like most of the times, was very wrong. One word: WOW. This game is freaking awesome. The best RPG ever. It's a very open game and instead of strapping you on a linear ride it clips your wings and immediately throws you off, like a rock in a pond, to fetch for yourself and do things your way. It has endless replay value because you can tackle the game itself countless of times with varying outcomes and possibilities. I myself treasured this very immersing experience.

Graphics: Awesome. Textures look very good and loading time, compared to xbox360, are reduced to about 1/2.
Content: Lots of it, you get a bunch of expansions, Nights of the Nine, and Shimmering Isles.
Final Grade: A+

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GF Rating


The only game I own! A perfect 10!

posted by Grusim (UKIAH, CA) Aug 16, 2007

Member since Jun 2007

5 out of 6 gamers (83%) found this review helpful

I purchased a PS3 for my son for Christmas last year and Oblivion IV for his birthday a in July and after watching him play the game I had to have them for myself. It only took a few minutes to decide I wanted to play Oblivion IV. The problem was he would be going back to Humboldt University and taking his PS3 with him. I sucked it up and bought a PS3 and Oblivion IV for myself. I don't think that any other game would have got me to lay down $600 for a PS3 just so I could play a game.

I have been playing Oblivion IV for a bunch of hours now and it just gets better. As I write this I am a level 17 and just completed the quest for the Divine Armor and it must have taken ten hours. I played it non stop until I completed the quest. This game is like Skooma. You will be an addict in a short matter of time.

I have found very few short comings of the game. I have had it lock up on me twice and had to shut down and reload. I had saved just prior both times so no loss of progress. The graphics are fantastic and the game play is almost seamless when a new area is loading. I found that there is not any glitches in movement like when you are fighting. Some games you will get that jerky stop and go movement while fighting. Not with this game. It is smooth as silk. As you go up in level the computer characters go up in level with you and the fighting continues to be challenging. Some games I have played when you get to an upper level all of the bad guys are push overs and I don't finish the games. There are so many places to explore and with the number of quests I don't think you could ever be finished with Oblivion.

If you rent Oblivion be sure you have a lot of time available to play it. I think you should set aside about twelve hours the first time out. You have to buy this game. It is the only game I own. It is the only game that I would lay down $60 for, the rest I rent. Beware you will be a hooked on Oblivion as if it were Skooma.

Good Luck!

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