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I hate RPG's, but this game changed that

posted by VERMINN (WALNUT CREEK, CA) Sep 5, 2007

Member since Aug 2007

7 out of 7 gamers (100%) found this review helpful

I have always been first person shooter, tactical, but this game is one of the best games I've played, it starts off slow, I was thinking oh just another boring RPG but played it past the boring beginning and I loved it, personally I chose being a theif/ninja type, killing people secretively and stealing, but you could choose to be other classes...

You can even customize the kind of class you want at the beginning, anyways there's just so much going on, whether you are involved or not, you can go do quests for money and help the good, help the bad, help yourself, or stick to the main goal of the game, Oblivion, there's too much to do in this game

I actually got turned into a vampire and it was fun to be one, great advantages but cannot go in the sun, so not worth it for me, but that's your choice, I would say just buy this game, don't waste the renting time, but if you think it is going to be just another boring RPG(Like I would) just rent it, you probably will end up pressing the keep-it button

I wish I could tell you more but that would take hours, have fun with it

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posted by Hazyblue (LINCOLN, NE) Apr 12, 2006

Member since Dec 2005

113 out of 129 gamers (88%) found this review helpful

This game is absolutely spectacular. If you enjoyed Morrowind you'll love it. If you hated Morrowind chances are you'll still find something here for you.

Gameplay 9 - Great fun, varied missions, vast packed world, has one or two buggy problems
Graphics 10 - the best seen so far on the 360
Ok firstly the good points
Sound 10 - Bethesda always seems to produce great music, but the voice acting is great.
Lastability - 10 This game is huge, absolutely massive, I've played maybe 40 hrs and barely scratched the surface. Plus mods and expansions will be available on Xbox marketplace.

OK so here's the good and bad:
Graphics - You'll stop and stare numerous times as you're exploring just gobsmacked at how it looks.
Combat & magic- Been greatly improved on Morrowind. Its now much more intuitive. Blocking is no longer automatic and spell casting much easier and effective.
Quests - Much more varied than MW. Less of the fetch and return quests. And dungeons now feature some great traps.
Character Creation much more flexibility as to how your character looks.
Stealth Mechanics are super. Now dependent on speed of movement, lighting, footwear, etc
Radiant AI - it might not have been quite what it was cracked up to be, but watching everyone in the world go about their daily business - eating, sleeping, working even shopping (and stealing if they are shady characters!) is great.
At least 200hrs game play not including all the expansions.

Some loading times.
Lots of things from MW removed - less guilds, factions, skills, spells, equipment.
Lots of people have issues with the level scaling (everything gets more powerful as you do).
The AI can still be dumb as hell sometimes.
If you hated MW or games which take a long time you won't like this.
Slow down after extended times of playing - can be solved by restarting xbox and holding down the A button to clear cache until the Beth loading screen comes up.

Overall a must have game, best on xbox 360

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Oblivion raises the bar for all other games

posted by prime8six8 (CUMMING, GA) Jul 7, 2006

Member since Jun 2006

65 out of 74 gamers (88%) found this review helpful

If you like fantasy, swords a sorcery this is the game to get. Basically you can do what ever you want. Do you want to be a sneaky thief that can perform magic to make yourself invisible and uses daggers for killing. No problem. Do you want to be a fighter who can wear the heaviest armors and wield a massive hammer to smash your enemies. Go for it. Maybe you want to be a powerful wizard who can unleash devastating destruction with elemental magic. Poof, make it so ! Learn Alchemy and blend ingredients you find in the wilderness to create potions or become a master armorer who enchants your weapons and armors to wear or sell. Step on up. Maybe you want your character to be all of these things. Yes it is possible. That is the freedom you get in Oblivion. The controls are good and the battles occur in real time, the menu's are easy to navigate, the sound is well done (the voices are done by the same 5 or 6 people for all the NPC's, they are good but not unique enough from each other) the replay is unlimited and the world is interactive. (Find a lockpick or a gold ring laying on a desk pick it up, just don't let the guards catch you with stolen goods!) There is no other game, including GTA, that comes close to this kind of gameplay on the market today. You could actually spend a year playing this game, maybe more. I haven't beaten it yet but that's because i want to get the full experience. Sure you could try to complete the main quest as quickly as possible but you would be missing out on 3/4 of what Oblivion has to offer. Unless you just hate fantasy and have to have guns and cars or some sport with a ball of some kind in your games you must get Oblivion. It's not quite perfect but it has great graphics, open ended gameplay, endless variety and is the closest thing to a living world on a disc. What else could you want? (hey bethesda, where is my levitation ability) This is the must have game for any 360 owner. Thank you Bethesda for creating this absolute masterpiece.

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