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posted by IamtheStig (PORT RICHEY, FL) Dec 31, 2006

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The scope of this game is immense. Looks great, endless possibilities for your character. I have about 150 hours logged into this game and I have barely scratched the main quest. So many side quests which are as fun as the main one. Create your own spells and weapons. Conjure creatures, become a vampire. Lots to see and do. Everyone that has played this game remembers the moment they came out of the sewers and into the outside. It is one of these WOW moments. Lots of DL content to boot. This game is worth every penny you spend. Highly Recommend this title.

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Quite possibly the greatest game ever made.

posted by AquaFunk16 (BATTLE CREEK, MI) Nov 3, 2009

Member since Nov 2009

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MOM: I can't believe you wasted 120 hours of your life on a video game.
ME: Mom, I am (at the time) 20 years old, in college, and working. I'm sorry if I want to escape to a world where I am a respected Imperial. I fought vampires last night, joined the Brotherhood, grew in ranks throughout the Mages guild, invaded a Goblin-invested village only to find out I was drugged prior to the attack, fought countless bandits and monsters, was sucked into a painting where I fought mutated Trolls, assassinated everyone at a party one by one turning them against each other, closed the gates of Oblivion and I saved the world with Sean Bean. Did you save the world with OO6, Mom? I'm thinkin' no, you watched Rachel Rae.

Graphics: 10/10 Now outdated when compared to Fallout. The graphics are still amazing and will always be amazing. Sometimes you may get bored of exploring (very doubtful) and you just by chance look up. You see the stars, the clouds, the moons. You see birds, lands you've never heard off, islands, lakes, rivers, caves, caverns, monsters, and towns. And then, you finally remember you're playing a game.

Sound: 10/10 Did John Williams compose the score for Elder Scrolls IV? No, but we could say he did. They'll believe it.

Controls: 9/10 Slightly uncomfortable sometimes, but very rarely. It's very fun switching from 1st to 3rd person. 1st person fighting is much better. It gets intense! The controls become part of your body after a while.

Gameplay: 10/10 I love this game. In my opinion there has never been a game that has EVER come close in comparison to this game. After 115 hours of playing I finally completed the story. That's because I spent the rest of the time, doing expansions, and side-quests. Was it worth it? Absolutely. I actually was so into this game, I beat everything. I had such an epic time... I don't think I could ever pick it up again because it was so great. :P

I'm pretty sure I will duel anyone who doesn't like this game.

Swords at dawn?

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The power of choice is Oblivion

posted by TheGameGuy (STOCKTON, CA) Jul 7, 2006

Member since Jul 2006

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It’s like Grand Theft Auto on medieval drugs. To sum it up in short you can basically do whatever your heart desires, but that does not go without consequences. You can get anywhere from 200-300 hours of game play if you do everything, what other game can boast that? Even if you don’t like RPG’s you may want to try this title. Graphics are off the charts clearly one of the best looking titles on 360 to date. NPC's have their own schedules and will do their daily duties and the game keeps track of virtually every aspect of this. You have the freedom to play the main quests straight through the end or go off on a 40 hour side quests bonanza. The game does have minimal load times and can be glitchy, but other then that if you want a massively enormous world to explore Elder Scrolls IV: Oblivion is for you.

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