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Very Good

Great game. Great for offline.

posted by Xs3v3nX (TEXARKANA, TX) Jul 7, 2008

Member since Nov 2007

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This game is great for some people even if that person doesnt like RPGs. It has impressive gameplay and graphics and sometimes i think the only flaw is that there is no online, but its great for private boredom offline play. This is definently a game i would take if i were going somewhere on vacation, traveling, or anywhere you may not get live service. Firest of all, its highly addictive. Second of all, you can be anything and anyone you may want to be. And last, this game only sets the expectations for future Bethesda Studios games to the max. Lets say... Fallout 3?

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Shivering Isle. To be Or Not To Be?

posted by lltpppdove (SAN CLEMENTE, CA) Apr 23, 2008

Member since Jun 2006

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The only thing new to this title is Shivering Isle, witch personally I liked and didn't like. It was cool to have amber and madness armor, and the new quest. But nothing to exciting about it the mission's are kind of repetitive, Slow, Long. Its more like starting a new game you can't fast travel. Witch makes traveling across Shivering Isle like 30 minutes plus the super long dungeons 2 hours for that then getting out of it running through 1 hr. Its got some neat Idea's and if your really looking to extend your oblivion play time It's an amazing idea to get this. But if you left oblivion and are now on lost odysseys, then look don't pay much attention to this. If your Just starting Oblivion, get this one you'll extend your play about 100 more hours; If your getting everything in the game. One thing I didn't like was the massive amount of glitches, When your on the great gate mission if you don't run into the great gate as soon as it opens martin dies even if he's not fighting. Then you cant get all the alchemy ingredients. The dawn/duskfang will duplicate in your inventory. Some say that's a good thing until your on a hard level with very good drops, and you pick something up and cant pick it up and drop your dawn/duskfang and all of them fall out. " sometimes it happens to some people and sometimes it doesn't happen to others. The Madness armor is very great to get for heavy and amber is very neat for light but, if your into Enchanted armor you will spend an extra 50 hours finding the matrices. Witch is very boring and if your a mage you can become an enchanter witch takes the same time as finding the matrices, witch anyone can become an enchanter. So its kind of stupid to have the matrices I suggest joining the mages guild and becoming and Enchanter. You will find a glitch also in the thieves guild end quest witch makes it almost impossible to get past the monks as they sit on the stairs running into each other their are more glitches just don't have enough room.

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GF Rating


Lots of fun and a LOT of content

posted by funkdr (CITRUS HEIGHTS, CA) Aug 18, 2009

Member since Mar 2009

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I had heard a lot about Oblivion but I didn't have a computer that was strong enough to play it when It came out. I recently played and loved Fallout 3 so I thought I would try this since it's made by the same company. Even through it's about 3 yrs old, this game is still very playable.

- Graphics: 8
You have to take into consideration that this game has virtually no loading zones and has a HUGE area to view and play in. I'd imagine that the amount of area in Oblivion would probably be equal to 2x that of either GTA 4 or Fallout 3. Having said that, the graphics are very decent for Oblivion originally being released in 2006.

- Gameplay: 10
This game has massive amounts of side missions and playability. There's a lot of different ways to customize your character and what he or she uses (weapons, armor, spells, abilities, etc). It's basically too much to list. Alchemy makes the game more fun. I played this game for something like 150 hrs and the only reason I got bored was due to this game's one weakness.
The main story is also a decent one. No real plot holes.
The ability to choose whether you are good or bad is the real reason this game is fun. You have options on how you want to complete your missions. Nothing immerses you into a game more than injecting your own personal feelings and morality into your main character.
Also, i loved how i felt like I was actually changing the world around me as I helped or hurt people.

Managing your inventory can be a royal PITA. They should have spent a day or 2 to come up with a better system. Even going through your inventory can be a PITA if you have a potion you want to use but you have 4 million types of potions

The game's one main weakness is the repetitveness of fighting. It's basically block, attack, attack, repeat. There should have been more skill involved with fighting.

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