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Elder Scrolls IV: Oblivion - Game of the Year


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GF Rating


The Best Game Ever Made

posted by Apokalypz (HALTOM CITY, TX) Jun 17, 2008

Member since Dec 2007

148 out of 154 gamers (96%) found this review helpful

If you have ever wanted to hurl an explosive fireball at five orcs drooling over you, sneak through a dark tunnel with your poisoned arrow nocked in the bow, or smash in skulls, this is the game for you-even if you hate RPG's.

And now for the numbers...

Graphics: 10. Very clean and crisp and clear, even on my 1992 TV. Looks nearly real on nearly every landscape. Magic effects are done well and brightly and everything is easily distinguishable.

Sound: 8.5. The songs in the game are nice and fit the mood perfectly. The only complaint I have is that there are too few songs.

Gameplay: 10. Excellent. I HATE FPS games and I could pick this up and with a little adjustment run with it easily. The map system is first rate and includes a self-settable marker. I have never seen an open world this huge in any game ever, let alone one that is huge and open yet it is very easy to find your objective. Once you receive a quest, your map will show you where to go-even if you are across the kingdom. Literally.

Combat/Magic: 10. Combat is good-you have hack and block for bladed and bludgeoning weapons and combinations after leveling up. Bows are an integral part of the game and with a leveled Assassin or Thief you can creep up behind them and take them out with a 6x damage bonus (Backstab, anyone?)

Magic is simply insane. There are seven schools of magic and you can choose which ones to specialize in. The first time you play all you'll want is Destruction spells, but as you play through you'll realize that every school of magic impacts the gameplay differently.

Oh yes. And then there is the fact that after a certain quest line is completed, you can CREATE your own magical weapons and items. And your own spells. Customize yourself silly-I did.

Closing: PLAY THIS GAME. Just plain old BUY IT. This game world is so huge and there are so many quests I am now 4 months into playing it and I've probably done 60 percent of it.

Buy it. Rent it. GET IT!!!

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GF Rating

Very Good

Great Game

posted by 608gamer07 (EVANSVILLE, WI) Apr 21, 2010

Member since Nov 2009

10 out of 10 gamers (100%) found this review helpful

It seems that a lot of people complained about not knowing where to go and it took to long to get there. I don't understand how since there is a red arrow on your map telling you where to go and you can transport to any place you've visited using quick travel. So those who didn't understand that are clearly noobs. I must say the game is slow to get started and very time consuming, but once you get into it that's when it clicks. In order to level up you have to level up your main stats so it would be wise to pick a couple easy stats to level up. Closing down Oblivion gates got really repetitive since one big main mission is to shut down specific ones outside of cities. It does get tiresome but once you get through it it's not so bad. The real fun for me was the Knights of the Nine quest. In all the game does have flaws but it's not a bad game. I enjoyed it for the most part besides having to close the Oblivion gates which again in my opinion gets way too repetitive. Definitely worth a rent, but you have to give it a few hours of game play before giving your total conclusion. The game isn't for everyone since it involves a lot of time. Worth a try. Check it out.

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GF Rating


The best RPG game for ps3!

posted by Lobon5 (JAMAICA, NY) Jan 26, 2009

Member since Jul 2008

11 out of 12 gamers (92%) found this review helpful

this rpg game offers you tremendous freedom! you can just about do anything in this game, such as stealing stuff in stores or just kill anyone. and one of the things i really like about this game is the leveling up. it's not just about killing monsters over and over again, you actually have to focus on your characters strengths and build up from it. i would highly recommend this game to any ps3 owner. although it has no online functionality, the 200 hours of game play it offers makes up for it. THIS GAME IS TRULY A KEEPER!

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