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Elder Scrolls IV: Oblivion - Game of the Year


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GREATEST GAME EVER MADE!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

posted by masterkarl (NEW LISBON, WI) Aug 10, 2010

Member since Jan 2009

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God has given us a gift its name is oblivion. This game is perfect in every way buy it don't think about it buy it you will love it . perfect story acting incredibly long, and beautiful graphics. a must buy.

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Great game!

posted by erieartist (RENO, NV) Aug 2, 2010

Member since Jun 2010

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I am usually not into slow paced games, but this one is so cool! first you get to choose from like 6+ different races of characters and combine that with the many birth signs and types (like warrior, archer,etc.) and the possibilities for game play are remarkable. This also make this game a highly enjoyable replay as well.Then you have different guilds, knighthoods, secret societies, and whats really cool is if you join the dark brotherhood you can also earn the right to be a vampire! How cool is that! Oh, I also love the fact that your abilities go up in rank simply by using them, like your ability with a sword goes up the more you fight with a sword! well over all this is a great game and is the closest game I have seen thats comparable to the computer games of this genre! Bravo to Take Two on this astounding success!

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its a keeper, were is mothership zeta addon??

posted by abrazoom (KNOXVILLE, TN) Jun 2, 2010

Member since Feb 2010

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I will not include any spoilers in this review with a slight walkthu of how to finish the training level

upon starting the game you are a prisoner, and the king must escape, the castle from inside your cell were the guards placed you by mistake.
at this point yo navigate thu the underbelly of the castle/jail, at this point it is a really good ideal to press start an go into your options an turn the brightness to max--at least till you get outside, so you can see an locate the doorways, to exit to the outside, now once yo are outside you have selected your class which has 3 levels of modification to suit your playing style, be weary of putting all or even too many skill point in just one skill at the beginning of the game

once you really get into the game you will eventually notice there are four places to get mission objectives the fighters guild, one in most or all towns sames with the mages guild, there is also a thieves gang in which you can play a part in, all of that plus the main quest line, an there are plenty of side quest even above an beyond what I have mentioned.

oh, the equipment is rad, i mean the more you use it the less effective it is so you must repair it with repair hammers more often than you think, the more you repair your equipment the better your repair skill gets an you break less hammers that way. every lock can be picked.
the music above average actually
the graphics are amazing
the controls are fluid an easy to pick up
gameplay, very very addictive
storyline awesome
addons well um you can tell it was the same programers, tho, perhaps they were under the influence of something, shivering isles addon "look at all the pretty colors, then, what THE!!!"


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