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El Shaddai: Ascension of the Metatron


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Great Out of the Box Try

posted by dedguy (KATY, TX) Oct 24, 2011

Member since Nov 2009

I'm giving this game a 7, and it's because it does what so few games do these days: go outside the box! The best thing about this game: the art. It is beautiful, surreal, and the most imaginative and fantastic thing I've seen in games in a while. That is probably the bulk of my rating right there. You should rent this game to see the wonderful artwork!

Second, the storytelling. It takes a unique subject, the Book of Enoch, and turns it into a game. This is risky business, and the fact that they manage to do it without me hating it is commendable. If you've read the book of Enoch, then you have some basis for appreciating the story in the game; if not, you admittedly might get a little lost. The only other game thus far (which I also liked) that did this was Dante's Inferno.

Now, finally, this game seems very incomplete. The combat system is kind of one dimensional and gets repetitive in a hurry. There are some unique things to do, but the combat mechanic gets old about halfway through. Of course, the artwork and the progression of the story keep you playing through to the end.

I like games that attempt to take risks, and this title is noteworthy for nothing else than it takes HUGE risks. I think game development has become far too industrialized a process, with studios looking to churn out formulas for money, rather than pushing the boundaries of gaming. Because this game pushes the boundaries of artistic design and unconventional story telling, I recommend people check it out. Definitely a great rental.

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El Shaddai is Alright

posted by jraiter123 (LA SALLE, IL) Oct 5, 2011

Member since Aug 2011

I'm not saying this game is completely awful, but it still could use alot of work. The art style is very strange for an action brawler, the combat is a little clunky and it takes a long time to kill just a single enemy. I am also three "boss" battles into the game and they make you lose every one before you can actually fight the boss themselves. The game is great, I just think that it could be a little better.

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Horrible Game

posted by Fenyxshalo (ACWORTH, GA) Sep 26, 2011

Member since Sep 2011

I was pretty intrigued when I saw a review for this game in my monthly gaming magazine; seeing that the title was based on the rarely heard of Book of Enonch, my religious-fiction-loving mind lit up like a bulb.

Too bad that within 5 minutes of popping the disc into my console, I was already grimacing. First off, you are made to wait an eternity while the game installs. Then, when you finally allowed to have control of the character, you are placed into a story that is about as easy to understand as quantum physics, a visual style that, though it is unique and can be brilliant at times, is a rather shoddy bit of cel-shaded attempts at "art", and let's not even mention the voice-acting or the soundtrack.

This game had the potential to be an awesome, third-person platformer on par with God of War, but possibly the developer just dropped the ball. If you think you might still want to give this title a shot, I'd highly suggest renting it instead of buying it.

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