Rent Eat Lead: The Return of Matt Hazard for Xbox 360
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Eat Lead: The Return of Matt Hazard

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Could be better

posted by mattr25 (PHOENIX, AZ) Apr 12, 2009

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Could be worse to. This game is interesting, it's a turn the game on it's ear and place you as the lead character in a video game who knows it game. The story is interesting, not dumb, not the best either though doesn't take itself seriously.

Graphically it's grainy, though at least not overly so. Had some good jokes most people over 25 will understand.

Now we get to the real problem, the controls. It's an interesting idea, you get to take cover you move around fairly well, nice options for cover. However, there seems to be a problem with moving, as in you often keep doing so, perhaps my controller but probably not. You have problems taking cover, don't always do it and not always where your pushing toward. Mostly your shooting though there is a melee option, which is gfetting close to an enemy, staying close to the enemy and pressing X up to three times.

Boss battles can be melee and is a question of following the button presses shown on the screen. There is no mini map, they instead opted for the directional arrow indicating where you are taking damage from, that doesn't work terribly well and on occassion seems to be stuck to on. There is another problem, aiming is slow, I turned it up to 3/4's full bar from half a bar and it's still way to slow. Either it has the annoying forced cliffhanger moment from the last Bond game, or it doesn't know how fast your supposed to move the camera from moment to moment.

It is an interesting idea with good story, marred by average to low graphics and mostly horrible control problems. Rent it for some easy points and laughs, otherwise don't even bother.

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Great Concept...

posted by Skinny (THEODORE, AL) Apr 22, 2009

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...But very very very poor delivery. This game could only hold my interest for about 20 minutes.

I liked all of the jokes and cutscenes as well as the fact that enemies change in the middle of a shootout.

Now if only it weren't in some generic scenes and the shooting. I love shooters, but this was non stop. It wasn't intense, it's just so easy to get headshots that you don't even end up using their great cover system to its advantage.

The power up were nice but are few in between.

Acheivements were easy.

This game really had potential. It's not bad, it's just meh. Maybe you'll like it, so go on and rent it. It is good for a few laughs.

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Very Good

Eat Lead Satifies My Thirst For Bullets!

posted by marshall84 (ASHEVILLE, NC) Mar 2, 2009

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When I received it, I wasn’t sure what to expect, I sat down and played it for a couple of hours. It’s a first person shooter, which is reminding me of the cheesy 80’s movies and phrases the entire time I’m playing the game! I don’t know why, just is! The graphics are pretty decent, it’s not mind-blowing but very good graphically. The story is about Max Hazard obviously. He used to be a super star from a multi-million videogames he was in & then he wanted to turn the tables and put his own spin on it. Things had taken a turn for the worst & Megasoft, well went soft. A new CEO comes in & buys out the company. The new CEO has a few tricks up his sleeve. There is constant changing of levels, different enemies that occur in the middle of battle. You go from fighting mobsters, to fighting cowboys & Russians! The themes & environments change frequently & it’s a constant challenge to see what you will do! It’s a good innovation & I enjoy the game this far. I have to ask though, why is it when you knock an enemy while holding X & you’re covered, why do grenades keep on being launched at you? I’ve played this particular level a couple times now, it’s quite challenging. The gameplay is smooth, I’m impressed!The controls are easy to grasp. The humor & dialog to the game are great & funny! I’ve got quite a few kicks out of it! The over-the-shoulder angle isn’t my first choice. It’s enjoyable & easy to understand. Achievements for this game are pretty easy. You even get an achievement called Take 5. That’s where you simply pause the game & it says “hey! Come back to the game!” Little kickers like that. There’s even a nice little perk where you can use ICE to freeze enemies & give yourself a boost, it’s very helpful! Overall, I’ll give it an 8 out 10. It’s very well deserved. I will recommend this to shooters, I would strongly recommend renting it first, play it thru & if it’s for you, then buy it. It’s a rent before you buy game. Thank you for reading. Happy Gaming Gamers!

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