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Eat Lead: The Return of Matt Hazard

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Above Average

Stupid Yet Fun

posted by Alchemist0 (OSSINING, NY) Apr 23, 2010

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Despite the ratings, this game is kind of enjoyable in a "Oh God, this is so stupid, it's funny" kind of way. You're Matt Hazard and you have been betrayed by video game designers and were supposed to be killed off. Now, you fight through every game you've starred in from killing Russians to Aliens and, of course, Zombies.

The dialogue is god awful but funny at times. The weaponry is substantial, from the standard Hazard Pistol to grenade launchers to water pistols. The only draw back is my favorite weapon, the Sniper Rifle, has such a slow adjustment rate it's sickening.

All and all, if you're looking for a game with some easy achievements and some ridiculous antics (and you're not a serious, hardcore gamer), give this game a shot. It's not like you bought it or anything!

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Very Good

Not Your Average Shooter!

posted by ZackyCakes (RANCHO CUCAMONGA, CA) Mar 2, 2009

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This game is pretty funny, with the voice of Will Arnet (Arrested Development) and lots of jokes about games. Probably for the "older" gamers who remember the first Duke Nukems and played the original Mario games on the NES. Game play is like Gears only not as good. Rent this one for the humor or stay away if you're not a hardcore gamer.

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It's Review Time

posted by youngscrub (FLORENCE, KY) Mar 3, 2009

Member since Jun 2008

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I've been looking forward to Eat Lead for a few months now. Despite those months of anticipation I never expected too much from this title. With that in mind- it more than meets my expectations.

Conceptually Eat Lead shines with imagination in a world of stark, serious shooters. It follows a retired video game action hero, Matt Hazard, who is brought back to star in his first next gen action title. On his adventure Matt meets up with characters from his previous games- meeting these characters was my favorite part of the game and I wish they had been included more.

The graphics aren't bad. Character models are fine and their cut scene animations are acted out believably. The levels you're shooting your way through are bland for the most part, but a couple areas are memorable.

Will Arnett and Neil Patrick Harris do the voice overs well, but the dialogue cuts out on occasion. The music was very enjoyable, but sadly there are only 4 or 5 tracks.

It's a 3rd person shooter that changes up the traditional format with a sort of cover mapping system- I didn't use it too much, but it's kinda cool. The game wasn't too difficult, (easiest game to get head shots in that I've ever played) Some boss battles are frustrating being hard for the wrong reasons.

I found myself getting bored from time to time, but the desire to see the next cinematic kept me playing.

Closing Comments:
I think this game will be a guilty pleasure to some people. It isn't the best game on the market, but I enjoyed The Return of Matt Hazard.

Overall Opinion: 7

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