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Earth Defense Force: Insect Armageddon


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A good time

posted by collin9199 (CORAL SPRINGS, FL) Oct 23, 2012

Member since May 2012

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This game is great fun, and is made even more fun if you have someone to play with. It's not overly hard, it is just a fund run and gun. I don't know why you would play gears of war or halo when this game is out there.

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GF Rating

Above Average

Where is the Raid?

posted by shinvegeta (LAWRENCEVILLE, GA) Apr 10, 2012

Member since Mar 2012

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You have to love having a shootout with giant bugs take that starship troopers. The game is pretty decent especially when you figure out which soldier class best suits you I might rent it again just to try the multi-player out nothing like killing bugs with your buddies.

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GF Rating

Very Good


posted by HrdcrGamr (HIGLEY, AZ) Jul 7, 2011

Member since May 2010

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This entry into the series is made by Vicious Cycle instead of Sandlot, who worked on the other games of the series. But, they have done an excellent job of keeping the spirit of the other EDF games alive.

You still fight hordes and hordes of enemies ranging from giant ants, spiders, and wasps, and mechs, to screen filling mecha-mantis, daddy long legs. While you take them out with your choice of hundreds of weapons while being able to destroy nearly everything in the environment But they have improved on few things, for example, the vehicles in this game control MUCH, better then the previous games. Making using them a much more viable option.

They have also added online play along with split screen. So you can play the campaign with 3 other people or survival mode with up to 6 players.

There are multiple battle armors to choose from as well. All of which act differently and get their own unique set of weapons. You have:

Tactical armor which uses subweapons like turrets, proximity mines, and radar dishes.

Jet armor which works like Pale Wing from the EDF games on the PS2. They can fly around and are incredibly mobile. They are also masters with the Sniper Rifle and specialize in energy weapons.

Battle Armor which is pretty much a walking tank. You get the most damaging weapons in the game and can use a shield that can block damage and as you level can cause huge explosions killing of pretty much anything near you or frying bugs with electricity.

Trooper which works pretty much like the player from the other EDF games. He can equip any weapon type and can run faster and revive faster then other classes.


Vehicles are greatly improved
Online works surpisingly well
Over 100 weapons to colllect
Love the new armors


Glitches(Sound bugs/Enemies getting stuck outside of battle arena)
Levels are not very varied
Disappointing final level

I personally still enjoy 2017 a bit more, but IA is a great entry in the series. It is good bug killing fun!!

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