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Fun... in a bad flash game sorta way

posted by Biscutbob (GRAND FORKS AFB, ND) Apr 19, 2007

Member since Apr 2006

The game is pretty fun for the first couple of levels and then the sheer number of ants just makes the game not fun any mroe its like fighting 10,000 grunts with needlers and u have a plasma pistol. Plus the dropship keeps sropping them so it pretty much imposilable to bring down unless ur with a friend. The game is easy on medium but no fun weapon drops all the fun guns are on hard and hard is well hard and not fun to play. The Aliens have no creativity and the designs are boring with medeocore graphics. Its fun for mabey renting and plying co-op for a day or 2. Definitly not a buy

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Points for Originality but ultimately repetitive

posted by goosedude (Washington, DC) Apr 15, 2007

Member since Nov 2005

Suffice to say if you've ever wanted to play as those military forces in any GODZILLA Movie...that get stomped all over....this is your game.

The game is basically running around on different levels fighting a variety of bad guys bent on destroying the city.

You have a variety of weapons....some with frustratingly long reload times.

Graphics are ok, but this is a budget game so no big expectations here. The AI (both ally and enemy forces) is the run and get shot version as this game is meant for action.

Achievement Points are medium but not as easy as say KING KONG.

A good rental for a couple days...if you like blowing stuff up. Definitely better than BULLET WITCH...ugh.....

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this game is not fun at all

posted by plooopse (ARLINGTON, TX) Apr 7, 2007

Member since Jun 2006

this game itself is extremely simple.Most levels are the exact same thing.find all the bugs and kill them.The onfoot controls have three buttons and the basic move and aim.all you do is shoot jump and switch guns and thats it.very complicated I know.I would have loved this as a x-box live arcade game but as a real one.sorry but no cigar.

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